Review #1: 검사 프린세스 Prosecutor Princess(2010)

16 Jul

This show is too underrated. You really NEED to watch this, people. For those who are still deciding on whether to watch PP or not, seriously, JUST WATCH IT. But..don’t blame me if you go into depression mode after watching it. Heh:P (I had withdrawal symptoms)



PP is mainly about a heroine’s growth and is a must for those of you who like such dramas. But even if you don’t, the cases are interesting enough and the first lead love-line is certainly worth your time. Or if you still aren’t yet persuaded, try pitting your lack of interest with your curiosity because there will come a time where your curiosity gets the better of you. Haha!

Each episode is fast-paced and it leaves you at the edge of the seat with its cliff-hangers (those you hate but love too). The show was about Park Shi Hoo’s character’s revenge but it was also about Kim So Yeon’s character’s growth starting as a frivolous prosecutor. I looked forward to the end of the show because I wanted to know what Ma Hye Ri’s change would be like (I love shows like these, you see) and the motives behind Park Shi Hoo and Jenny’s mysterious conversations. Mystery when used right, achieves very good results. I guess this is why police shows are interesting. But I digress..

Most people didn’t like Hye Ri from the start but I actually liked how ditzy and crazy she was. She was so different from how a normal prosecutor was expected to be that it meant her growth process would have to be a very meaningful one. Kim So Yeon did well in this role but I really can’t put a score to her acting since it’s my first KSY show(heh:P) but I especially loved her emotional scenes towards the end. It showed that Hye Ri had a matured side beyond all that wacky hair and personality. I didn’t watch Iris but when I saw a video of her kicking ass there, I was utterly shocked.

I loved all the cases she came across with! The child-abuse case made me tear when that cute-like-butterfree kid offered vouchers to Hye Ri as thanks. It was just so sincere a gift I couldn’t help but be touched.

             =    😛

Kim So Yeon and Park Shi Hoo did well in their roles and had fantastic chemistry. I would say that the leads were chosen perfectly making the two a really well-matched couple in my eyes. Their scenes were always filled with some kind of sexual tension as the show progressed (Wait till episode 13/14..just you wait…) unlike the stale air that comes between So Yeon and Jeong Su in their scenes together. (Heh. Sorry Hye Ri-Yoon Seonbae shippers)


Well, I can’t say I was being fair to Jeong Su’s character. The romantic in me couldn’t resist going gaga over the main love-line when I realised theirs was an impossible love. Besides, I have long since been afflicted with the accursed second-lead syndrome and so when Park Shi Hoo played the second-male-lead-esque Seo In Woo, he was already a winner in my heart. His mega-watt smile just topped things off. Props to Park shi Hoo who (to quote DB’s Girlfriday) played sexy tortured seo in woo to perfection.


I apologise for this insane behaviour. *Inwoo smirk*

I guess most of my love for the show was given to the main leads’ interaction and their individual character developments that the other two leads and other prosecutors felt like scene fillers. To all the other prosecutors in the same office as Hye Ri, it was as if Hye Ri’s addition was a breath of fresh air to their boring lives.

But some side characters do deserve mention. Park Jung Ah’s Jenny is forever an awesome girl-friend to me. Not only was she loyal to In Woo, helping him in whatever way she could, she even helped bring In Woo and Hye Ri back together. I absolutely loved the fact that she was the one who ended all the separation. It felt so right for her to be the one who would do such a thing.

Yang Hee Kyung as Hye Ri’s mom is adorable! I have only seen her once before in Dal Ja’s Spring in which her character was a total opposite from her Park Ae Ja role here. Shocker really, when she was introduced in PP as the chubby ajumma-permed housewife. For Hye Ri’s dad, it was the later part of the drama that was his time to shine. His drunk-acting was so good. Did he really not drink at all?! Not a smitch even??

The ending was perfect for this show, in my opinion. It made me feel so happy seeing a sunny-filled ending for both In Woo and Hye Ri. I can’t imagine the mess I‘d be in if they didn’t. As for Hye Ri’s parents, I thought that their ending was really befitting of their characters.

From beginning to end, it started and finished satisfyingly. 😀

**Most of the pictures were taken from DB recaps so thanks Kaedejun and aberdeen_angus! My IT skills are embarrassingly bad. 😛 **


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  1. fridaymonkey

    July 17, 2012 at 7:12 PM

    Dream High Review coming up soon:DD


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