K-Pop news so far [17th July 2012]

17 Jul

LOL of the Day – Idol’s Original stage names evoke laughter amongst netizens 

Okay Okay. I admit. I suck at names. Look at my display name and you know I’m telling the truth. (I’m SO gonna change it one day when my brain comes up with a better one.) But these names gave me a good laugh!

Hey! That was a great Listen! [well, to me that is..]

Long awaited comebacks from BEAST, BEG and PSY!

Beast has returned with a new song ‘Midnight’! Whatever happened to their (HyunSeung’s, GiKwang’s, DongWoon’s) hair??


This song is very different from their other ones. It’s a unique song that helps in the overly saturated market 😀

OH~ BEG is back too. Their songs make me think autumn is approaching. 😛

From ‘The Original’,

Update (21/7/2012): 

 Here’s BEG’s official MV! A midsummer night‘s dream has a jazzy feel to it. The song starts off with Narsha’s voice which just hits the right spot.

 Jea’s voice is lovely to harmonize with!

PSY is the craziest singer I’ve ever seen! Stay tune, because it’s only part 1 of his 6th album!

This song reminds me of ‘Right Now’. A very hyper song suited for summer! OMG Yoo Jae Seok’s grasshopper dance battle with Psy has me dying! HAHA!

 The name is so differently interpreted that I had to count on GoogleTranslate. ‘Tree Frog’ is also the kind of song Psy is known for. G-D’s rapping makes this song more awesome than it already is!


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One response to “K-Pop news so far [17th July 2012]

  1. fridaymonkey

    July 23, 2012 at 1:05 AM

    OMG..I didn’t even realised Beast had put out the official MV ages ago. Sorry guys! Hope you enjoy the MV:D


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