Review #2: Dream High (2011)

21 Jul

Sorry for the wait everyone! Without further ado, here’s the review:D I have a feeling I’m going to go insane round 2. Please do bear with me:P

                                                                     ** SPOILERS ABOUND~ **

To be honest, I wasn’t very excited about the show. (Sorry I had to start it like this..heh) On one hand, I watched it for the sake of covering up the void left after having completed Prosecutor Princess. (PP was just that awesome to the extent I was having withdrawal symptoms and to the extent I felt no other show could be as good as it.)

On the other hand, I also had very low expectations seeing that Dream High was depending on idols, who had very little experience in the acting department, to carry the show for 16 episodes. It was risky and just filming one show prior to Dream High isn’t called having experience. I’m talking to you Taecyeon. Of course, for being a show about dreaming of a career in the music industry, it can’t be lacking in people with the talents. Still..


Kim Soo Hyun stood out for being the only actor and non-idol in the main cast but before Dream High, I had only watched him broody and angsty in Will It Snow at Christmas for 4 episodes. That to me, wasn’t telling of how much the boy could emote. The rest of the cast was also new to me. So, the outlook for the drama was kind of bad. I couldn’t exactly see myself watching the show for 16 episodes. The idea of putting all my hopes on Soo Hyun and/or Eun Jung’s acting chops didn’t sound nice. Okay, fine, the outlook was bleak.

Turns out, I CAN actually count on Kim Soo Hyun. He was practically (one of) the star(s) of the show (besides JYP), or the one who made his name officially known to the people who were confined within the kpop-sphere. Kim Soo Hyun was marvellous. His Sam Dong character was so easy to root for.  What KSH did for Sam Dong and for me, was how he could transition naturally from an adorable satoori-speaking country bumpkin to a boy who was in so much pain because of his ear condition. That sincere mess of emotions practically drowned me.





Suzy as Go Hye Mi was ok. It really was how the writers incorporated her lack of versatility in her Hye Mi character that did it. I loved her spunkiness in the beginning and the fact that she stayed true to her character throughout allowed us to fall for her in all ways possible. Taecyeon as Jin Gook was…flat. FYI, I already didn’t like Taec even before DH days so..*Warning* I may come across as biased. I can’t really fault Taec for that and neither can I compare him with Soo Hyun. But the way he was trying to be cool wasn’t pulling it off for me. Even with his (grossly clichéd) sad background, I was not falling for his (dare I say it) charms. I also didn’t like that he was playing the residential bad boy because his character in 2pm, was already like that. It was (omg-please-don’t-throw-bricks-at-me-Taec-fans) really (I WARNED YOU!!!) unoriginal. There, I said it!

JYP, was actually good! LOL. Yeah, LOL could perhaps describe his character perfectly. He pleasantly surprised me by cracking me up with his lack of modesty and weird ideas. Haha. He was a big softie and I loved him for that. Eom Ki Joon was okay as the misfits teacher. But I wonder why he has such a big house along with such a small pay. Lee Yoonji was funny towards the end whenever she had Ki Joon near her but I think what worked for me, was that she became a teacher like Ki Joon.  EunJung was natural in her role, though this was my first time seeing her. IU and WooYoung were really really really cute together. I think these 3(EJ, IU, WY) did better than Taec! Oops..hehe..

Let’s talk relationships. As we know, DH had a whole lot of lines going on – love-lines, friendship-lines, rival-lines. I am a fan of the Sam-Mi love-line because of how both went through so much together. The return of Hye Mi and Baek Hee’s friendship was done nicely. I also love the underwear friendship that went between Jin Gook and Sam Dong. Jason and Pil Sook are so awesome-ly cute but I also adored how Hye Mi and Jason were so protective over Pil Sook. I think what had me supporting Ja-sook love-line was the way both pushed each other to better heights.  JYP’s bromance with Ki Joon was like seeing a friendship advancing into a love-line. HAHA!! Yoon Ji unexpectedly crushing over Ki Joon was hilarious.

            Pros: The above-mentioned relationships and how they were formed, Soo Hyun and JYP’s acting (especially Soo Hyun’s singing that left me so so so surprised), Hye Mi’s character development, the ability to make fun of themselves. The criss-cross of friendship, betrayal and love are what hooked me. I also loved how realistic the writer was in handling weight issues, popularity and favouritism, talent vs looks, sex scandals in a realistic light.

Cons: I hated Taec’s background, I hated how everything was going dramatic on us just because of one exam/assessment (although I knew it was to move the story), I rolled my eyes when I found out there was a ‘Special’ class, I groaned when Bae Yong Joon’s character had 3 special students in mind. Everything here felt so expected and unoriginal and overly dramatic. Of course, I wasn’t exactly happy because Sam Dong and Hye Mi had to separate. 😛

But, I think Dream High was a good watch after PP. I didn’t imagine I would enjoy DH this much and that I’d become a KSH fan of no return. I think I’d recommend this show to anyone because DH was such a joy to watch. The show was mediocre but I enjoyed it for the most parts. I don’t think you’d want to miss out on Kim Soo Hyun’s singing, right?

Thanks for reading everyone!

** Though the pictures here are also mostly taken from DB, I have been steadily trying to learn blogging stuff! The Gif was made by yours truly~:D **


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    DGCH review coming up. It’s going to be short! Yay!


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