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How about some Drama news? [22nd July 2012]

2 Dramas that I’m eagerly waiting for (though you guys know I won’t be watching the minute it airs;P) are 

1. Haeundae Lovers. – Read about it here😀

I think this drama takes amnesia to a more refreshing level and Kim Kang Woo is back! I haven’t seen him in anything other than The Story of A Man/Slingshot where he was great as crazy and sexy genius Do Woo. Hmm..putting sexy and genius together..sounds..sounds PERFECT! No, there’s nothing weird at all:P I have only seen Jo Yeo Jung acting in I Need Romance so I can’t judge her from that show. Looking forward to their chemistry, because from what I saw, it was oozing sexy:DD

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K-Pop news so far [21st July 2012]

LOL of the day?

It’s a video of WooYoung singing and packing bread at the same time! What? Even bread packing needs some music to go with it:D

Matters that cause you to sighh JYJ and SM issue settlement delayed.

Sighh JYJ Hwaiting! Those in power, are small-minded and weren’t JYJ the ones who sued in the first place for being treated unfairly? Tsk tsk.

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