How about some Drama news? [22nd July 2012]

22 Jul

2 Dramas that I’m eagerly waiting for (though you guys know I won’t be watching the minute it airs;P) are 

1. Haeundae Lovers. – Read about it here😀

I think this drama takes amnesia to a more refreshing level and Kim Kang Woo is back! I haven’t seen him in anything other than The Story of A Man/Slingshot where he was great as crazy and sexy genius Do Woo. Hmm..putting sexy and genius together..sounds..sounds PERFECT! No, there’s nothing weird at all:P I have only seen Jo Yeo Jung acting in I Need Romance so I can’t judge her from that show. Looking forward to their chemistry, because from what I saw, it was oozing sexy:DD

2. Arang and the Magistrate –

It’s good to see Lee Jun Ki back! I think AatM could be a good start to his post-army career:D Shim Min Ah is going to be awesome and to me,she fits the fantasy concept to a T. Gosh, it’s like having ants in my pants!!

Crossing my fingers for the 2 shows to be good!!

Probably not watching but shall see

To the Beautiful You –

It’s not that I don’t want to watch it. Korean dramas are well-known for their love-lines that make everyone go crazy and u know im SUCH the romcom fan. But..the cast and the people behind it, just isn’t whetting my appetite for a second (but different) serving of Hana-Kimi. The Jap one was a blast. I don’t want to see it possibly getting ruined. If TtBY sucks the life out of all that craziness, Nakatsu is going all homo on you!

Here’s wishing drama luck for both you and me:D LOL

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