K-Pop news so far [21st July 2012]

22 Jul

LOL of the day?

It’s a video of WooYoung singing and packing bread at the same time! What? Even bread packing needs some music to go with it:D

Matters that cause you to sighh JYJ and SM issue settlement delayed.

Sighh JYJ Hwaiting! Those in power, are small-minded and weren’t JYJ the ones who sued in the first place for being treated unfairly? Tsk tsk.

In need of music fresh(fine not really) from the oven?                                                                             [I’ve chosen the ones that I like but u can share your comments on your fav songs too:D]

We have comebacks from B.A.P and NS Yunji! There are also songs from other singers that I have chosen:)

‘No Mercy’ has a similar rogue-y style but has a slightly softer image than their debut song and comeback title track. Even their clothing(more friendly? HAHA) and setting are brought a notch down. For me, this song feels a little less easy to ‘get into’ than ‘Warrior’ and ‘Power’. Maybe it’s just me. Nonetheless, I like the song(after 3 listens to it. Hey, I couldn’t just let BAP’s song go like that right? BAP for life! LOL. In case you didn’t know, I’m a huge fan!) and the heavy beats in the song that B.A.P. is known for and Daehyun’s voice is to die for! Oh yeah, where are their bunnies?! And was that satoori rap I heard?

I think this song is much better than her weirdly mashed ‘Reason I became a Witch’( the chorus is good though) and the rocker image reminds me of RIBaW. I absolutely love the electric guitar that continues throughout the song! The MV is another thing:( sighh..why so cheap? 😦

 This, is totally a mass-rally song! HAHA. It’s so energetic that you feel like joining and cheering along with the people in the MV which, by the way, was done really nicely.

From the name, we all know it’s going to be something sad. I know it’s unusual to be listening to a melancholic song when it’s SUMMER. But since I thought the song was nice, it would be a waste not to share it:D Just like how BEG’s midsummer night’s dream was jazzy and slow but still a great listen! 4K’s husky voices<3

Here’s a debut title track from new group, C-Clown( out of names like me, eh?HEHE). This song is typical K-Pop just with a darker and moodier concept. PLUS, the boys are not ugly:P

Please do check out Eluphant’s mini-album Apollo! There’s really nothing to say except that ALL the songs are awesome all of which gave me a feeling that the seasons are starting of change:D

In English: Aquarius. Ha. Seems like someone got that idea from 12 Men in a Year.

In English: Let’s return(?) to the future.

In English: What’s different?

And that’s it! Hope you guys like my song choices so far. Feel free to share your favs too if I didn’t mention them:D It’s always nice to find something we all like right?

Please do inform me of broken links. I will try my best to keep up with errors:P


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