K-Pop news so far [25th July 2012] part 1 (Songs only)

25 Jul

Happy stuff:D 

1. Songs, songs and more songs, all of which I like!! Listen to your hearts content!!

We have new releases from B.A.P, Brown Eyed Soul’s Sung Hoon, Beast/B2ST(gosh! how could I NOT have seen this piece of news?!), Brave Guys( Comedians), BigStar( not really..), BoA, Soya n Sun and Aziatix!

From BAP’s ‘No Mercy’ mini album,

 OMG can I tell you how much I loved ‘Goodbye‘? Rock with Daehyun and Youngjae’s voice = Heaven~ This goes to show that when you match rock with the right vocals, it’s awesome!!

You know a BAP song can’t go wrong with their signature heavy beats:D This is one of those songs where you learn that listening to the title track alone isn’t enough.

This song is unlike the usual sounds we hear from BAP. It’s so B1A4-ish that I thought I was listening to the wrong song. HAHA! It was that unrecognisable. Other than that, this song is very fun and carefree!

I really liked how they incorporated the light piano bits into the heavy emotional singing to balance the whole song out. A song like this is the usual must-have ballad in the album but I think it’s a little weak after having heard the other 4 songs. Putting this at the end, wasn’t a good idea, in my opinion.

Brown Eyed Soul’s Sung Hoon recently collaborated with San E for the song, ‘Ma Boo’.

I definitely did not expect such a song out of a member of a ballad quartet’s one heck of a song!

Beast/B2ST’s title track (and the rest of the album)!!

I’ve been fervently waiting for their comeback. The song’s not bad! It’s just that I’m neither disappointed nor pleasantly surprised. It’s like the usual stuff we always… my opinion though 🙂 After a 3rd listen, I’m actually liking it:D The heavy beats plus the unique tone, nice! Ki Kwang’s voice suits this song really well somehow

Lol. This reminds me of Pokemon at the start. Hehe. The quirky and lightness of the song is very attractive!

Hmm..I think the comment that B2ST does well with ballads is so true. The overlapping of voices is LOVE. Can’t they be an idol band that specialises in ballads and then occasionally dabble in catchy k-pop?

I actually prefer this to be the title track! 😛 It’s funky and stands out in a good way 😀

Another great ballad from B2ST! It’s funny their ballads do better than their catchy tunes..

In need of some adrenaline-pumping song for the summer?

Brave Guys (COMEDIANS), is here with a fun summer song that may have you moving to the beats!

It has a very bold style that is easy to like. The hiphop-ish feeling and rapping also makes this short song an enjoyable listen, reminding me of Block B’s ‘halo’.

BoA is back with another song.

I think the song is alright if only a little too safe. I chose the dance version because I preferred seeing BoA’s dancing. She’s perhaps one of the few female soloists in the idol-ish side of k-pop that I support. G.Na, well, isn’t going the route I wanted her to be in.

This song has been out for a week. 😛 But it’s better late than never and I’m so GLAD I found it. Soya<3 Sun<3


Olympics song? Haha. Forget about the song ’cause you will be so enthralled by the music video! LOL. Rock On Aziatix!

Make sure to support the official MVs! and If there are any broken links, please do inform me! 😀 😀


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