K-Pop news so far [25th July 2012] part 2..and maybe drama news too :P

25 Jul

The happiness continues… 😀

2. Good news! Epik High is returning to the music scene! 3. Friendship ftw with Suzy and IU!

….until..we see the ugly( and double standard) side of k-pop

1. Idols NEED their privacy, DAMMIT!                          2. Sasaeng fans, invasion of privacy is a CRIME.

3. Fanservice between two guys is allowed in a homophobic country = excuse me, are you speaking another language?

Seriously, I don’t understand why fans like such things when back at home, 2 men kissing is made a mountain out of a molehill of, especially in Korea.

Other news

There’s going to be a new Girl group ‘Jevice’. *Groan* I don’t think I need another group. Please, our health, K-Pop health(our ears) that is, is in need of some moderation! It’s not just the debuts from girl groups I’m disliking. In general, I DON’T even WANT to keep up with the other new or old boy groups as well. It’s too tiring.. My ears need a rest from time to time.

We have Drama News here too! (err…not that I’m lazy or anything! Of course not! :P)

There’s a new miniseries(8-ep TVN drama) that has premiered  – Answer Me 1997

The main characters are Seo In Guk as Yoon Yoon Jae, Hoya(Infinite) as Kang Joon Hee, EunJi(A Pink) as Sung Shi Won, Shin So Yool as Mo Yoo Jung, Lee Shi Woon as Bang Sung Jae, Eun Ji Won as Do Hak Chan.

There will be cameos by people like Kim Jong Min and Shin Bong Seon.

Hope it’s a goodie!

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