Review #3: Delightful Girl Choon Hyang/DGCH(2005)

25 Jul

(wow that was a type-ful..u type..he..he? :P)                                                                      This is going to be extremely short, unlike the first two reviews. Have fun reading anyway!  


**Greater Warning: I didn’t like the show. So, stay away from future rage!**

If you haven’t watched DGCH, I..I have no rights to tell you to watch it or not. I’m just gonna say that there are other recent Hong Sisters Dramas out there that might quench your thirst the same way or possibly in a better way.

Having reached 2012 (and having watched the show in 2011), DGCH is no longer, in my opinion, refreshing to the already flooding pool of Romantic Comedies. We all know most Korean RomComs follow a common route:  Rich boy meets poor girl → they don’t like each other or both have partners → they stay together or live near each other → they fall in love → somebody tries to break them up → longwinded ending (most of the times).  Though this formula still works, the audience are always looking for something new while at the same time, wanting the same skeleton of events. This is why, what was enjoyed back in 2005 may be deemed as unoriginal in 2012 when in fact, it may have been the other way round.

I’m not saying I hated DGCH. It’s just, after watching my fair share of the same kind of shows (just look at my Rushing For Time Page and you know what I mean), DGCH came across as boring and the last few episodes felt draggy to the point I wanted to skip parts. (I try not to skip so I don’t miss out on anything.) What scored points in my book, were Jae Hee and the sageuk parody at the end of each episode. Other than that, Uhm Tae Woong was bad here. Actually, he’s also playing an evil character. Haha double meaning. [Go watch him in ‘The Devil/Lucifer’ because that’s one melodrama you should never miss!! and recommending it here is so inappropriate haha!]

DGCH was Hong sister’s first drama and I guess, that was when their knack for good-start-irritatingly-tedious-endings began. *Groan*

If you liked DGCH, then that’s good! If you disagree with me, please do watch it too:D                                           * Most pictures were taken from DB and by google search 😛 I was too lazy to screenshot the pictures heh. *


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2 responses to “Review #3: Delightful Girl Choon Hyang/DGCH(2005)

  1. fridaymonkey

    July 26, 2012 at 12:33 AM

    Review #4: Call of the Country Review coming up next!


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