How about some Drama news? [30th July 2012, updated on 1/8/2012]

30 Jul

More dramas coming your way~~ (my drama list is crying)

1. Song Joong Ki’s ‘Nice Guy’ / ‘ No Such Thing as a Nice Guy‘ will be starting in Sept, which is a month later. I never thought SJK would play a role like this. It’s a pleasant surprise to see JoongKi choosing to play different characters rather than stay in ‘pretty boy’ roles. And yet, I’m afraid I will dislike him. LOL. Just don’t bother with me. Haha.

2. It’s funny. I haven’t watched the first Vampire Prosecutor and yet I’m excited for it. Vampire Prosecutor 2 will also be airing in September so VP fans, do take note!

3. Kim Myung Min also has a Nov drama coming up, called ‘ King of Dramas’. I fell in love with Myung Min after watching Bad Family but that was it. That was the only drama I ever saw KMM in. Without a doubt, I can say KMM is a good actor and may plan to watch this.

4. A short new mini-sitcom at 8 episodes is coming to the Korean screens this August and it’s Lee Chun Hee’s ‘The Thousandth Man’. I’m looking forward to this show since I haven’t seen Chun Hee in anything besides being dorky on Running Man. Take Care of Us, Captain wasn’t my cup of


5. Fans of FT-Island’s HongKi would be happy as he’s got a film debut! Filming starts in September but the movie will only be screened in 2013. The premise sounds promising, giving me some SUFBB vibes. And though I’m only on my 2nd episode of SUFBB (goddam drama commitment issues. lol) , I’m already at a stage where there’s no turning back. (Lee Minki come back, please?) Anyway, I hope the movie can be easily found online. Simply too much coincidence when I’ve found the movie I want to watch so much and then I go Sparta-kooks mode because I can’t find it. Grrr..You know  how I am when I’m angry right? Actually…nope you don’t.. Well, let’s pray that Hong Ki’s film debut is a big blast~

Another show with a t-ara member(Eun Jung) is coming up. But with the scandal growing and growing, it’s hard to say their involvement would be treated rationally. The other drama starring T-ara member, So Yeon, is Haeundae Lovers.

Kim Hyun Joong is back with an action drama, ‘City Conquest‘ but I’d rather watch Makjang Five fingers even though I hate Makjang with a passion. As for Five Fingers, nope. I’m not watching even though it’s a Joo Ji Hoon show. What power ‘The Devil’ has!

Thanks for reading!


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