K-Pop news so far [30th July 2012]

30 Jul

Hey! Sorry for being tardy pants 😛 Let’s get on with it, shall we?

My song picks from allkpop thus far
What is K-Pop known for? Catchy, addictive tunes right? and they are certainly the best for Summer 😀

 This is ChAOS’s comeback song, racer. Since I’m (really) in the mood for fast songs, it’s a song that is on repeat:D

This is Jevice, a new female duo entering the music scene.

Their voices are nice, yes.Which is also why I’m posting their MV.The song is just ok for me. Nothing special. But I’m not liking another addition into k-pop. It’s not just them I’m against because I’m already tired out by the influx of rookies that I don’t even think are good enough to debut. Moreover, their lyrics is about love and it’s getting on my nerves. Is there nothing else in this world that can’t be sung about?! Nowadays, I only care about the melody. Call me lazy 😛

This isn’t Yunji’s title track but it’s just as nice:D

This sounds like a mix between a ballad and a typical k-pop song. So it neither gets too boring or too fast for your liking.

Now, THIS would be a song I want translated. Shin Yong Jae’s voice is great. The song was a good listen. But I realised that his voice *warning if you are SYJ fan* can get boring if you listen to it to many times and ballads are a genre that gets stale quickly. But this is only my opinion. If you think otherwise, then that’s your opinion 😀

Haha and Skull’s return together!

Our favourite reggae-singing haroro is back with Skull in this double-song ‘Busan Vacance’ + ‘Waikiki Brothers’ mv! LOL Gwangsu and his oil-needing dancing! Got to love RM bromance:D

This song is L to the O to the V to the E!

This is an indie song I heard by coincidence a few days ago and really like to share it with you guys!

This introduced me to the happy world of J Rabbit. I have since been a fan of theirs!

Making the headlines for me

1. AJ 😦 I will forever be waiting for your r-squared-pi! Haha. 

U-Kiss’s AJ has decided to pursue his education in a prestigious Columbian U for the next 5 months, though at the same time still being a U-Kiss member. Ain’t he a smarty pants?

2. This proves it. Sex sells!

Most girl groups these days rely on sex to sell their work instead of their singing.. Which is why I don’t even WANT to follow female debuts these days. Where are the more talented singers? (Let’s just face it. K-pop is 99.99% looks based, 0.01% talent.) Of course, It’s true. Sex DOES sell. But one doesn’t have to go to such lengths(ha! pun). Seriously, are they wearing clothes or are they wearing underwear? The same went for Hello Venus. The way I saw it, they were wearing too short, especially ‘Lime’. Anyhow, I don’t think the girls enjoy being in the limelight for such things too.

3. The T-ara scandal. 

My opinion: I think Hwa Young is the victim here. Just look at this. #3, 9, 10 in a way proves that they were making her an outcast. But I don’t think we should totally blame T-ara members on this. This whole thing probably started because Kim Kwang Soo kept adding members into their group that caused dissension. What was wrong with the original number? Weren’t they working fine?

Heard this: Explain because one wants to hide?(chinese saying) That’s wtf KKS is doing. But in such a bad way, it’s laughable. Has he been watching too much Dr-Jin? Lol. He’s so contradicting that it just intensifies my belief even further that Hwa Young is the victim here. He says that, in front of fans and reporters Hwa Young showed her DARK side by misbehaving. But where is the evidence? Just like how a commenter said, it’s more likely the fans and reporters will be having a field day producing those so-called evidence and criticising her rather than waiting for the news right? They would probably the ones ‘reporting’ this news! Then KKS says he wants to protect Hwa Young. Lol. Some bullshit. If he wanted to, this would not have become news. And I didn’t know staffs had the power to sway decisions! Where are the sasaeng fans when you need them? I heard they paid through their nose to follow the idols in every little activity

After all that laughable mess he created, you thought CEO KKS will be more cautious and make a smarter move. Nope. He continues to be stupid.  Lots are against T-ara now and you have the guts to allow these girls to return after they were slapped with name callings? Wow, I admire your bravery. But it sure looks like a certain PD-nim is against you and your moves. PD-nim’s groovy!

Hmm..So I heard Yoseob un-followed JiYeon on twitter. Now, that’s the HAHA!!OMG of the day. And who’s KKS kidding? With the scandal and KKS’s power, he is essentially banning the existence of Hwa Young in the entertainment world!

Hope we hear from Hwa Young personally! I may do an update for the scandal, so stay tune. Thanks for reading!


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