Review #4: Call of the Country(2010)

31 Jul

Here’s the 4th drama review~ Sorry for the wait. 😛

* If you read anymore, you don’t have to watch it..You have been warned So STOP READING ONN!! * 

If you are having a bad day and need a pick-me-up, ‘Call of the country’ is actually worth a shot. I don’t think you would mind an aching stomach from Ryu Jin’s antics! And well, maybe get upset again seeing that such a show could be so terribly under the radar. (heh)


As a drama that had to be suggested to me, I can quite understand why CotC didn’t sound appetizing. Their leads aren’t exactly aesthetically-attractive. Just look at what was made in 2010? Bad guy(was it good?), Chuno, Coffee House,  Cinderella’s Sister, Dong Yi, Dr Champ(what? I liked it.heh), Flames of Ambition, Fugitive: Plan B, Giant, God of Study, Kim Tak Gu, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Oh! My lady, Pasta, Personal Pref, Prosecutor Princess, Secret Garden, SKKS, The Woman who still wanna Marry etc. Anybody killed by the sheer number of eye-candy?

The killer of them all? Their rival show(s). In fact, they had already lost the battle as they were fighting against ratings giant, MBC’s Dong Yi, which had already risen to first place in the ratings game by the time CotC started airing. SBS’s Giant also started at the same time but they only peaked after CotC finished its run. What chance did they have?

But..HOW COULD YOU EVER LEAVE RYU JIN HERE UNWATCHEDDDDDD?! Even if somebody was making you go crazy with the hiccups and bromance, no one and I mean no one, can look at Ryu Jin in this show and not enjoy him in it. (if you didn’t…)

CotC is about a corrupted police woman( Lee Su Kyung) who is forced to work undercover for a suspect( Ryu Jin). She meets an NIS agent(Kim Sang Kyung) who is still recovering from the pain left by his ex-girlfriend-cum-first-love( Horan).

Lee Su Kyung did a good job here playing Oh Hana and was much better than her performance in Seoulmates Soulmates. Although it may not have been her fault, as an actress, boring me to tears in Seoulmates Soulmates. (Grr..stupid BOF/BBF for messing up my spellings..) One thing I didn’t like was Hana’s short-lived corrupted image. The amount of time they focused on that side of her just wasn’t enough to sink that set-up into me. Her life as an undercover also didn’t quite reinforce it. As I have mentioned (so many times), I loved Ryu Jin in CotC. So it’s no wonder I preferred a pairing between the two than the expected SuKyung-SangKyung pair, or as I’d like to call them, the weird kyungs. (Su sang= weird :P)


Kim Sang Kyung here wasn’t outstanding as Go Jin Hyuk. Whether it’s me not having seen him in anything prior to this or having watched him as a serial killer in White Christmas, I wasn’t blown away no matter what. In CotC, he plays a rich son working as an NIS agent. Sigh…why must he be wealthy? Couldn’t he just come from the upper middle-class? It’s still cindere-lly… plus, his character was so dull.

 If you are wondering why Lee Sang Kyung/Jin Sang is calling Su Kyeong/Hana Noona, watch this show!

In contrast, Ryu Jin was awesome every single time he was on-screen. He played the role of eccentric, self-obsessed Han Do Hoon so darn well. The way in which he spoke, what he did, his facial expressions, they just amused me to no end. He’s so weird, that it’s cute even when he got his just desserts. Like The Story of A Man’s Park Ki Woong 😀 Though a villain, you can’t help but empathise with him. Who knew baddies could be cute? Han Do-Hoon<3


Horan plays Choi Eun Seo, the opposite of Oh Hana. With regards to them being police women, she is a professional top NIS agent. (if I remember correctly.) With regards to their personality, she is serious and no-nonsense..till…we jaw drop at her whenever she got drunk. LOL. I started loving her when she fought with Hana because of Jin Hyuk. Girls, you fought over a bore?! Joking’s aside, I think Horan did fairly well as a newbie. I like her maturity, it’s very sexy:P If you know Clazziquai, she’s a member of that band along with Alex. (Coincidentally, Alex was also in a show, Pasta, but aired very much earlier.)


As a whole, though CotC followed the standard romcom recipe (ha..was that supposed to create flow? You know..pasta and, I thought it was banging more on the comedy than the romance. I can promise you a lot of LOL-ed + forehead to palm moments, plus the acting was alright!


Hope you watch it! As for those who have, chant with me! Ryu Jin Ryu Jin Ryu Jin~~ (I’m so going to watch standby!!)

Thanks for reading! Credits to for the pictures and YooAhIn haven for the gifs!


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3 responses to “Review #4: Call of the Country(2010)

  1. fridaymonkey

    July 31, 2012 at 11:34 AM

    Review #5: 9 End 2 Outs up next!

  2. anon

    December 8, 2014 at 6:58 PM

    I’ll admit Director Han’s acting here lead me to think differently about the actor. Thank you for refence to Standby. Though honestly, I already had some note from baby-Faced Beauty.

    Choi Team Leader’s drunken moments couldn’t have come fast enough for me to finally start to enjoy the character. Why was everybody so darn lovable? If could smush them all into a box and throw away the more situational anxiety belonging only to the characters and not the audience, no more fighting over promotional disagreements that had character and audience so. torn…

    From the love side of things, the only things making ambiguity were the mains’ wishy-washyness..
    I pretty much marathoned the drama despite the lack of tension but for one question– did the baby ahjusshi(spel?) kill the guy or not? (Yes i loved him too despite his unattractive ways. Main lead might’ve been boring but he was quite a bully even when in love and trying to woo) First came the stupid connections in people. Then came the gun missing from its all damning box.. And then the video. Relief and the tire of two sleepless (drama unrelated days) nights set in after that.


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