[Update] K-Pop news so far: T-ara Scandal edition [as of 31st July 2012]

31 Jul

So here are the latest news concerning T-ara’s bullying issue, made worse by their stupid-as-hell CEO, Kim Kwang Soo. 

As of 31st July, many things have been happening.

There are people supporting Hwa Young(HY) and/or hating on T-ara whether or not with the news of the bullying matter. They are the supposed back-up dancer’s ‘insight’, the people who created the Disbandment Petition and the online cafe T-Jinyo.

Practicality exists in the K-pop entertainment industry, the same going for all other countries. But it seems Mr. CEO has not quite yet grasped that concept. Seriously, WHO THE HELL is going to allow your girls on their advertisements or TV shows when this has become such a huge issue? Violence, or in this case bullying, is not a way out of any problem and neither is the lack of brain use.

It seems Mr. CEO’s claiming to fame with his nonsensical ways! He just keeps digging his grave even further. Look at what he’s doing! (Not) Okay, he says that he considered the staffs’ opinion and HY’s misbehaviour which led to the termination of HY’s contract then he says there’s a possibility HY will be able to rejoin T-ara. =.= Are you kidding me? Then what was the use of kicking her out? And did you know that it’s also because you kicked her out that things have escalated?! Are you okay, Mr. Kim?

After that he meets HY’s parents. Hmm..that really isn’t the smartest move because obviously, the parents will be siding HY. So a parent being very understanding of the whole issue, is..TOTALLY incomprehensible.

Okay so funniest thing he has done? In the interview he did with ‘Star News’, he said that he has checked that the supposed back dancer who claimed whatever she saw was not even the person she claims to be. But hours later, the police confirms that they NEVER received any reports relating to Core Contents Media or T-ara and that “The various reports saying that [CCM] has reported this to the cyber investigative squad is false.” WOW. Just..WOW..

With their image ruined, it’s no wonder their biggest fan community wants a shut down and till now, T-ara has done nothing. They have not come out to say anything regarding HY’s dismissal nor have they ever voiced their opinion on the bullying matter. But I guess nothing they say will matter anything now.

So we finally see the funnyman! LOL.

Some have been speculating HY’s latest twitter message to be one that isn’t what she wants to say. Seeing as Kim Kwang Soo has just visited her parents, all the more for him to try shutting the parents up. It’s really not just because HY was singled out to be the victim that I’m siding with her. It’s T-ara’s silence and MR. KKS’s chatterbox-of-epic-fail that makes the bullying scandal that much more believable. Rumours may not be totally true. But as the saying goes, there isn’t smoke without fire.

and LOL..I didn’t even know KKS announced that T-ara’s twitter accounts got coincidentally hacked expect us to believe this crap? You know, we already know you are one big fat liar pants so just shut it. I have bee enjoying the humour though 😛

On the other hand, because of this whole matter, it’s the people siding HY/against T-ara that are becoming the bullies this time round. So everyone, everything in moderation!

Thanks for reading!


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