How about some Drama/Film News? [4th Aug 2012]

04 Aug

Not my cup of tea Drama news

This show, is like walking into an Etude House. An overload of everything pink and sweet. God. I sure ain’t even watching the teaser. I used to like Choi Jin Hyuk but then he exposed that girlfriend story. Intentional or not, the way he tweeted before the strong heart episode was unnecessary. Who wouldn’t want some attention? I’m not recommending this show though..just wanted to talk about it..But if you would like to watch (Any Dong hae fans?), it’s coming to the korean screens on 18th Aug:)

Who’s waiting for the movies?

Tone-Deaf Clinic starring Yoon Sang Hyun and Park Sun Hwa. I haven’t actually seen YSH or PHS in anything. But for reasons unknown, I like the pair. The premise is adorbs. I wish it could be a drama but if the film is good, I rather it be a short watch. As you know, it can get very quite frustrating when some (most actually) romcoms have the tendency to go all long-winded and dramatic on us when we clearly know we are headed for something but the process brings us nothing.

Drama updates

1. Moon Chae Won’s ‘Nice Guy‘ character shots and intro are out. And..since I’m never a fan of distressed damsels, it’s going to be hard for me to watch. What are they? Babies? And yes, I cringed watching SUFFB. I’m all for women power, not baby powder. But..Song Joong Ki, how?

2. Giving me some lols, is Arang&Magistrate’s character stills and intro! The thought of Shim Min Ah scaring somebody with that face? PWAHAHA. It’s just so funny! Can she be any cuter? Adding to that, she’s a feisty one. That’s enough to put down every show( currently watching 1 lol) I’m watching and let A&M( sounds like a boutique haha) cut the queue! 😛

3. Haeundae Lovers is going to be a hoot! It’s going to be competing with A&M somewhat, as A&M starts 15th Aug while HL starts 6th Aug. Now, if I can just get that net, I won’t have to compete with anyone! *thinks wishfully* As for the other actors/actresses, I just can’t get over Kang Min Kyung’s addition. To me, I don’t think she’s a good enough actress but I guess it’s also a good thing she took up supporting roles. Watching her on Immortal Song2 previously left a fake bad impression on me as a person. But, it’s just me:)

Film Updates

Joo Ji Hoon is making a film comeback with I Am King. Those stills, don’t they make you laugh?

Remember that I’m only posting what dramas I want to talk about and/or like. Otherwise, I’m just another Allkpop site, which I am not. That ends this time’s drama/film news so far edition:D Thanks for reading!


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