K-Pop news so far [4th Aug 2012]

04 Aug

Oops.. Sorry for the long wait once again hehe:P

Making the headlines for me:D (From now on, this will be the standard heading for news! Unless something better comes, otherwise..yeah..)

1. The T-ara Scandal: People see what they believe… * quoted from the devil/mawang**

** My words. Please scroll to paragraph 4/5 for the update** I guessed some of you would want updates on the bullying issue first. However, this controversy has been going on for quite some time and it’s getting old for me. Thus, I’m on neither side as of now and the only thing that would relieve me, is the truth.

To be honest, I was very interested in this scandal. It’s probably got to do with my curiosity that gets ahead of me most of the time. I want to know the truth, everyone wants to know the truth. But because of how dogged everyone was in trying to squeeze every ounce of what they thought was the truth, the issue was blown out of proportions. I believed that Hwa Young was the victim of this all, but things are more often half-truths or half-lies that now, I don’t even know what to believe or to trust. It’s crazy!

For all we know, T-ara could have been the victims. But because of how shitty-of-a bad CEO Kim Kwang Soo is, people won’t believe his so-called truths any more when he isn’t even consistent with what he says! People who lie, are inconsistent. That’s just it and that’s probably the only thing I know is right. Ironic much? So even if T-ara was innocent, we wouldn’t know because Mr.Kim has been doing so much cover-up that we don’t know to what extent he says are true. ** My words. Update starts next para**

**It’s finally here!!**Anyway, this should be my last post on the matter. Of course, if the beans of truth are (unexpectedly) spilled, I might do a little report expressing my joy in having finally learnt what actually happened! 😛 Sorry for that long intro.. 😛

As of 4th Aug, there have been unfortunate news of T-ara ruthlessly getting  axed by advertisers, of them having to postpone their concert indefinitely and of the ever-growing hate on T-ara. Some have even gone as far as to ask HY’s dad for comments or even think that to express her real feelings, she cleverly aligned her tweet messages. Whatever it is, both sides have come out to counter the other side’s argument, be it against  or for Hwa Young. And regardless of who is planning to meet who, who has met whom, or who is refusing to meet whom, it’s of no more interest to me now. I just want the truth dammit.**News ends**

** My words** As for me, I have done my sloppy share of evidence-searching. Like what others have been saying, things could be taken out of context just to ‘prove’ their point. Which is why I search for the ‘other story'( for me, it’s T-ara free of their bullying crimes) rather than believe what these cut-up versions of evidence tell me. For example, Hyomin poking Hwa Young’s eyes? Hyo Min immediately apologised to her but that part wasn’t shown. Another would be EunJeong ‘not’ cooking Hwa Young’s dumpling. But she did. She steamed it that’s all..

Aside from the scandal, I also feel a little guilty for using this issue-maker, which has drawn lots of viewers for me and for sites like allkpop. Though my blog is still a very new and foreign site, I also hoped that the viewers are here for my reviews and news updates instead of the T-ara scandal. Now, I’m not trying to offend those who visit my blog for the updates. I’m actually glad that they do since it’s a win-win for me, so thank you. ** My words** 

Sorry if you didn’t like the above(↑) joke. DO remember that curiosity does not justify whatever things you do to the people involved. Rumours, can murder and that’s not a lie.

2. Phantom’s going to debut this month! Aren’t you guys excited?? (I guess if you aren’t a fan of them..then..)

Finally OMG. Sadist aren’t they? Release some freakin good songs and then make us wait for the cows to come home. But it’s better late than never right?

3. (not really news) Olympic gold medal out of reach for Fencer Shim Ah Lam

Similar stories of South Korean sportsman having trouble at the London Olympics have cropped out. But for Ah Lam, it’s understandably shocking. Compounding the effect is the consolation medal offer. =.= Nothing can console her any more, people. Even columnist Jim Caple, a person with no connection to South Korea can empathise with Ah Lam.

New Songs!!

The MV was really very colourful and energetic 😀 I’m so happy I discovered her and her song(<3 it). It’s nice to see something out of the idol context!

omg the rapping!!

What a bangin’ way to enter the music scene. Mann! This is the kind of debut rookie groups need! It’s a spica-like entrance 🙂

Update: songs new to me, not to others

I found this song through a parody post on Seoulbeats. Very, nice!

I swear, I was NOT taken in by the falsettos. Totally not spazzing right now 😛 *I’m not alone~ I’m not alone~I’m not alone~~* Ahem! Anyway..the other songs are not bad too but they are as ballad-y. C-Clown surprised me with debut songs I think wouldn’t have been possible for a rookie group. Majority of the K-pop fans like k-pop for tunes they can dance and have fun to and not mope to..But I guess ballad songs does show off the groups vocals, so I’m actually happy they did go the moody direction. 😀

Remember to watch the official if these aren’t! And also, thanks for waiting and then..reading. Haha.

Please do inform me of broken links!


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