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Updates on blog entries/ Message to readers

Hi everyone! 

It’’s gonna be bad news though…

For anyone waiting for my drama reviews, I’m really really sorry. What I’m going to be more sorry about is that the next review[9 End 2 Outs] will only be up much much later. heh. I have two forms of explanation.

The nicely put Version: The reviews I have been posting, are about show that I’ve watched a year ago and so as to give the review-readers a better overall read, I have to prolong the waiting time. (I’m a lil’ bit of a perfectionist)

To cut the story short Version: Time’s a bitch and my memory’s her plaything.

Aside from that, the Drama/ k-pop news will be as usual.

Still, sorry for the inconvenience caused! Thanks for the support and for reading:D

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