K-Pop news so far [8th Aug 2012 :P]

08 Aug

Ehehe..did many of you wait long? Sorry..I was trying to do the review(s) then I totally forgot about the news updates:P To make up, I will be doing 2 reviews (the original second review was a flop ‘cos I totally forgot what the show was about..heh) this week, one will be a sort-of surprise!

LOL of the Day is back! Kwang Soo edition~

Sure, it’s a huge achievement for Kwangsoo. But Pfft!! It’s as though the memory of him ripping Kookie<3~’s name tag is a precious thing to be remembered for life! HAHA XD Kwangsoo ya, hope this framed-up name tag stays even after next week~

Making the headlines for me:D

1. Beast/B2ST has decided to follow in the footsteps of B.A.P. juniors! No, not (beast) mascots. But manga about each member possessing…powers..erm…o..kay? I think I’d prefer a manga that realistically tells of each person’s origins and their goal to be stars. Something like what SUFBB did. I’d also rather get to know more about each member, how they got closer and stuff than see them in a more distant light. The drawing, somehow doesn’t really fit each character either. I only like Yoseob’s and Dujun’s. Jun Hyung’s looks more fitting with HyunSeung after his troublemaker stint.

                2. (Inferred from the article:)Seriously, music is an art and it is meant to be as creative as possible. What’s with the evaluations when it’s so obvious that the screenings will end up stifling people’s imaginations in the long run?! Sometimes, I just feel that the government should be focusing on other aspects of the media, not this. The screenings are probably just going to be a waste of time and as an industry expert, they should know things better.

                                         3.I usually skip useless news like selcas but GD with a cat, was too hard to pass up. The thought of GD, and, a cat, just totally blew my sanity away. XP

4. Mblaq is gearing up for their new variety show, ‘ Idol manager’. Aren’t you A+ excited?! Haha. Another dose of G.O-Seungho bullying their dongsaengs 😛 And they will be making a comeback this fall too!

New Songs are out! 

God, this song is dope! The dark MV and the rap that takes for most of the song reminds me of MIB’s 5Zic’s beautiful day:D

Beautiful beautiful song!

very likeable listen! Is he singing and rapping? I love him already 😛

Sweet and cute:D But I didn’t expect such a song to come from them. haha.

This song and mv gives off a melancholic vibe to it, especially the sigh at the end. But then we see a ‘happy ending’, which is the name of this song. Cool huh. ‘Cos most times, you can forget about coherency. Haha. I think the MV made everything feel so realistic. I much prefer such MVs to one with sets that idols use time and again 😀

OOH! Intense! The drum beats with violin? Best combination. Is it me or is junhyung getting HUGE?

OMG who’s that rapper?! Haha. Of course, Ailee’s voice is awesome as always but she kind of overwhelms the song so much so it almost takes Eru out of the song.

Songs New to me~

It sounds good..’i don’t know i don’t know’ 😛

Wow. You NEED to give this guy a chance!

Songs done live, I never thought could be awesome-r than the recorded. 

Brought to you by BAP!! Everything about the 2 videos below gives me the best, absolute, perfect goosebumps!


Wow, no wonder Daehyun does rock songs so well. Yong Guk challenged 8 low notes but I couldn’t find the video on utube.’s Bang Yong Guk singing for us! Hyperventilating!!!                  

What? There’s NO such thing as too much BAP!

Thanks for waiting and hope you support the official MVs:) Some of the uploaders for celeb MVs aren’t known to me, so I’m not sure if I chose the write video/link.                

Hope you guys enjoyed my picks. You might wonder why there’s no Jap songs. I don’t think I can handle that added number of songs. I’ve watched 4Minute’s Love Tension. The MV is simple and I like it that way. Less is more in flashy K-Pop. Anybody should check it out. The girls are very stylish. And seeing Hyuna here, I didn’t know how much I liked her with longer pants!

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