How about some Drama/Film news? [9th Aug 2012]

09 Aug

New Dramas!!

1. Vampire Prosecutor!!!This is getting ridiculous. How the hell can I not watch season 1 and be waiting excitedly for season 2?!           2. Kim Ji Hoon is back! But he’s in a daily drama. 😦 He’s also going to be acting with his Wish Upon A Star co-star, Choi Jung Won, but they are playing siblings – twins at that. I loved his acting in WUAS. But sorry Ji Hoon deary, I have drama commitment issues. I’m just happy you are back. Missed you! :”D Kbye 😛

Just-start-the-damn-show-now-or-I-will-..-have-to..wait-D’: Drama updates

1. Arang & the Magistrate is starting next week but there’s a pre-premiere episode this week. I’m fine with anything. JUST don’t fail us!!

2. May Queen is airing around the same time as Arang & Magi. So..ratings rivals? Besides that, I’m really anticipating Jae Hee’s work but it’s 32 episodes. Darn it.

3. New stills of Shi Yeon and Joong Ki’s Nice Guy! You can read more about JoongKi and Shi yeon’s roles here if you like:D I’m looking forward to a bad Joong Ki!


It looks like ‘The Thieves‘ is doing exceptionally well. Sighh..I wish I could watch it too. Somebody, anybody, upload the movie because..I need my Lee Jung Jae fix!..and kim soo hyun:P

Faith‘ is releasing its stills and stuff too but I’m not excited somehow. Lee Min Ho is good but..the whole premise just doesn’t sound that interesting to me. Sorry. 

Anyhow, thanks for reading! See you soon with the reviews:DD

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