(Not-a-review) Review #5: 9 End 2 Outs(2006) [updated: 10/2/13]

09 Aug

The first of the two reviews I promised is here:D Haha. For this review, it’s just going to be about my thoughts/comments on the show, seeing as both Kaedejun and Dramabeans have done a great review of 9E2O which already has points I originally wanted to cover.

** SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s better if you don’t know** LOL

9 end 2 outs is a drama that I never thought of trying. I have never even heard about the show until I saw it on Dramabeans. The me who is easily persuaded by DB’s positive comments coupled with the me who have always liked the idea of a best-friends-turn-lovers premise, thought I‘d just try it out and even if I come to dislike it, I can always stop watching.

The premise is simple. As mentioned, it’s about 2 best friends( Su Ae, Lee Jung Jin) in their 30’s who live together and gradually fall in love with each other, using baseball as a metaphor about the trials of love throughout the whole show. Sounds like the recently crashed You’re here, You’re here, You’re really here right? Long shows aren’t my strong suit and on top of that, the bad reviews that I’m reading here and there (ha pun) is a clear, absolute no for me. Besides, why waste the time when you can watch something roughly the same in just 16 episodes?

9E2O was an alright watch that had a slow, mellower vibe than most rom-coms. It wasn’t overly-dramatic nor was it very eventful. It just makes me think of Dr. Champ, which I watched after 9E20 back in 2011. The pace was just nice for me and the baseball metaphor matched the storyline(duh=.= heh).

What I liked about the show was also what unsettled me. As I was taught from young to think of the consequences before acting, I was afraid of what might happen to the Nan Hee-Hyung Tae pair. I know I’m a wet-blanket. Just let the two have their fun! Who cares what might happen. To be with someone who likes you back is a blessing. But..I just couldn’t shrug off my worries for the two if and only if, they break up. That would mean the end to their precious long-standing friendship and that is by no means, an easy thing to let go. Finding mutual affection is one thing, but finding a friend whom you can trust and rely on is an extremely hard thing.

the old days

9E2O addressed my worries somewhat by portraying the hesitation seen in both actor and actress. The two eventually ended up a couple, without any consequences shown. It was nice seeing a happy ending but the worry I can’t seem to shake off, stays. I’m someone who prefers a clear ending to a vague one whenever an unknown that threatens the happiness isn’t resolved. I guess I’m weird.

Overall, the acting was ok. I even thought SNSD’s Yoona was alright.

On another note, I think 9E2O did a good job showing how the comfortable friendship gradually gets turned upside down. The friendship part is easy to identify with but the turning-to-lovers part makes me envious. Haha. It’s a rare and refreshing thing for good friends to become lovers in k-drama land because why have somebody nice to you when you can have the opposite? 😛 It’s not that I dislike the current scheme of things. It’s the part about nicer guy always having to take the back seat that I’m dissatisfied with. Good guys need some break too!

And on hindsight, I thought Nan Hee was a poor dear with very difficult relationships, in terms of the ones highlighted/more of the main ones in the show. Both (with dongsaeng and Hyung Tae) needed her to step out of her comfort zone, which is something you will do only if you love the person and which is also something I admire her for.

Credits to Dramabeans, Hancinema and Dramastyle for the pictures and gifs .

Credits to this site too. But I also did some shots. heh.

Thanks and hope you enjoyed the read 😀


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