How about some Drama/Film news? [12th Aug 2012]

12 Aug

*Short post*

Film News

1. Lee Byung Hun’s film releases in September.

After having seen stills of Joo Ji Hoon’s latest film, ‘I am King’, I was wondering what Lee Byung Hun’s version would be like. And boy is it so much darker and sinister than JJH’s version. But I’m liking what I am seeing here. If the imposter is just as dark as the real king, this film is a total must watch. *Please not have any of those scenes. Please!*

2. Lee Je Hoon Han Seok Gyu pair coming to the Korean screens next year.

I’m not sure if I’m liking the premise. It’s a little weird and yet a little of the usual stuff. But the actors themselves are already a form of anticipation I can’t wait to see.

Drama updates

1. I thought I wasn’t going to comment on the Korean Hana Kimi any more but, it looks like I have stuff to say..hehe 😛 You know, a comic adaptation can be done so many times before you get to the point where your interest is sucked out. Unless the former has not achieved success, which then, is a different story. But considering the number of people who remember nakatsu and his homo-wa-janai antics to this day, it’s going to be a tough challenge.

Oh yeah!

Arang & the magi’s hour-long special episode has been aired! The special gives you some character introduction/background and also some bts action. I’m a bad drama fan, so Arang and her magi will have to wait 😦

Thanks for reading!

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