K-Pop News So Far [12th Aug 2012]

12 Aug

Hi everyone! I will be even busier because term’s starting for me. If anyone thinks that I’m being overly informal, please do feedback to me.

Making the headlines for me

1. Food for the eyes with Kim woo bin *OMGSOHOT*

Ahem. So…I usually don’t bother with eye candy news but, there’s always a hot person out there first. 😀

2. G.Na! You can legitimately pig out now!

As if? Puh-lease. Most of the korean fans want good-looking bones as idols. Like how others are saying on Seoulbeats, I totally agree with the comments about G.Na looking better in 2PM’s 10 out of 10. She was much too thin in her ‘2hot’ MV. Sigh, how many celebrities are even in the healthy BMI range or rather, how many are called fat when they actually are in the range? A LOT.

3. yay Moon Geun Young may be making a drama comeback!

It’s not confirmed yet but i do hope she returns even if the name of the drama doesn’t sound that appetising. Haha.

4. Yoo Seung Ho deserves some respect

It’s good that veteran actor Park Jun Gyu pointed out that. After all, YSH has been acting for more than 10 years.  His acting could surpass some of his seniors. 

5.  Serves Open World Ent CEO right. 

Sigh, an apology for the hurt he caused to all these girls? I don’t think he has learned his lesson. Jail term certainly isn’t enough for this bastard.

New songs that need some lovin’

We have Tasty/Tasty2wins from Infinite’s and BabySoul’s agency/Woolim Entertainment debuting! Did JYP give Woolim some kind of inspiration? Ha.  [coincidentally, Woolim had a group called ‘strawberry fields’. That just made me laugh as I’m watching SUFBB now.]

Anyhow, Spectrum started off nicely (So Sexy~) but then I heard…’buing buing’ (?)..well..then it kinda went off course..

This song gave a coherence and flow from Spectrum. ‘You Know’ started out great too, but then became a little schizophrenic towards the end. Like 2 songs mashed into 1. That’s my opinion though..

This song was okay. Sounds like a song from an american artiste.

This is my favourite song out of the album. Tasty has this very daring sound that hip hop bands do. But ‘buster’ sounds more like an intro song lol. I guess it’s nice for an intro song to get its full 3-4 minutes. Some intro songs actually deserve a full song treatment than most title tracks. haha.

Rap with background piano ALWAYS gets to me. A nice catchy ballad to listen to:D

Supernova:D Not that bad, but also very similar sounding to many dark k-pop songs. Otherwise, I’m actually happy I can recognise some of the members. 3 of them have acted in dramas (Sign, 12 Men in A Year).

You don’t know how happy I am with the recent girl groups. Spica, D-unit, Sunny Days. This confident, mature side of the k-pop female groups is so needed. Thank you! EvoL is a rookie group, I’ll be sure to look out for!

Very uplifting song! 😀 but..they could have done away with the ‘hello hello’. Haha. Hope F.Cuz becomes more famous!

I’m really liking Nu’est and their recent songs. Ren makes me think of Miss A’s Jia so much so I thought Jia had a cameo! LOL. The MV is very likeable and realistic, and I’m happy that it has a light, springy vibe to it, so that I can see the member’s face. 😛

Videos that need some…loving..Haha!

This was funny. Love Jun-young:D

and that ends this k-pop so far post:D Please watch the official MVs, if they aren’t here and if there’s any feedback, please feel free to post comments anywhere on the blog. Thanks for reading!


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