K-Pop News So Far [16th Aug 2012] part 1

16 Aug

Making the headlines for me

1. Couple News/ Happy endings

Haha and Byul’s sudden marriage announcement. 

DAE~BAK. This came as a serious shock because not too long ago, Haha commented that one of his( and Skull’s) recent songs, ‘Hennessy 19’, was written when Haha’s life was a mess, after a break up. So I initially thought that he and Byul were getting married to different people. Haha(Pun intended??). I believe that the shotgun marriage was a rumour considering that they have known each other for 6-8 long years. Them dating for 6 months was just about right 😀 Congrats to the couple! Uri Hyung (Kim Jong Kook)! When’s yours with Yoon Eun Hye?? 😛

     Kim Jong Min one-upped by source close to him!

And after how Jong Min sworn never to reveal his  relationship/girlfriend to the public. HAHA! Con..grats!


2. YG’s a busy bee!

In addition to debuting SuPearls (Lee Ha Yi, Michelle Lee, Lee Jung Mi, and Lee Seung Joo) next month, another  new girl group of theirs is making its way to an October debut. [Can somebody help me to differentiate who’s who?] Furthermore, we have GD’s omg-can’t-wait-for-it solo coming up in the next 2 days, Epik High making an album return in Sept and a mysterious 2ne1 surprise in October. Wow. I wonder if YG’s hiring…. 😛

GD is an artiste for goodness sake!

There’s no need to be so uptight!! Relax! I thought the flower money was pretty and if real money was actually used, the paper would have already been torn. Paper-made money is very easy to break. Plus, I doubt GD would want to incur such wrath and (possible) punishment. I am waiting for his solo return so badly!

3. Ever since that faithful day…Sigh and I thought I would be able to ignore those perfect pictures just like before. Who knew one concession could lead to such lovely dire consequences: herehere, and here. Below are some of the pictures.

4. Variety News: Mblaq’s new variety show, Jung Jae Hyung new MC of Immortal Song 2

I don’t really understand the concept of Mblaq’s Idol manager. Are Mblaq the managers or are they the idols under a selected Celebrity? The show’s supposed to be an upgrade of Idol Maid in which 2 female celebrities worked as their domestic helper. So that means the shows gonna be something like the latter of my guess?

Jung Jae Hyung!! Mann, I love this guy. He was fabulous on Running Man. But I have been too lazy to add in IS2 into my schedule. Gahh. I dislike restrains. 😛

5. Other Celebrity News: Crispi Crunchy’s comeback, Jang Geun Seok’s life with fans, ‘The Thieves’ cast’s deals

Firstly, I have been waiting for CC’s return! I remember watching their teaser, which was so funny. Some of their debut songs, youtube form, can be found here and here 😀

I actually think that JGS’s outburst was justified. Some fans can cross that thin line between life and death so dangerously and easily.



Hey, you two got the deal wrong! The kiss is his and piggyback…erm..his too! 😛

Now if you think about it, this is why fangirls go crazy. What is a little exchange for a whole lotta moola and Jeon Ji Hyun?

Thanks for reading!


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