K-Pop News So Far [16th Aug 2012] part 2..with…

16 Aug

What is K-Pop news without K-Pop?! 


J-Tune Ent’s new girl group, Two X‘s debut title track,

I always like the mature-girl concept and am glad that most of the female rookie groups this year are like that. The song is slower than most catchy k-pop songs but still enjoyable.


Jay Park has released a new song together with an MV for his comeback! An edgier song (and MV. the end of it: lol) that I think would do Jay good if he continues doing such genres. 😀

Good song, atrocious MV. I tried. I really tried. But there was no ‘clunk clunk’ when I was walking with my flats. 😛 [btw, I think I saw and heard a Woo Hyun..hmm..]

Sadists Phantom are baaaaacck! I have been waiting like forever for their return.  And daaamn, is it good. The MV’s ambiance was quite apt. It actually felt hot! Although I was expecting a wee bit too much of them, I thought the song was good enough. I finally heard Han Hae’s vocals!! The electric guitars were wonderful~

Now this is what I call good additions to the group( Exid added 2 members to replace the 2 original members that left) on top of a good comeback. I seriously don’t understand why there is a need to add more and more members when some of them don’t even contribute much or anything.                                                              And AKP, you need to search for all songs of the album. Such good songs deserve the promotion! Very nice.The vocalist that sings at the start is as good as Yuji, though I still miss Yuji. Rapper LE is friggin pretty!

I like! Very laid back and has a bit of reggae flair to it.  A nice listen when you want to relax:D

Slightly mellower song from ‘I Feel Good’ and the toned down vocals, as opposed to belting out like nobody’s business in IFG, are a nice touch. The contrast makes me think of Sistar. Haha.

The instrumentals make the song sounds like it came from the 80s. So refreshing!

It’s a part 2 because their debut title track was a faster version of this song, with the same title. I feel like I’m at the beach, at night, with the breeze in my face. So sickly done.

This remix version is a lot more catchier. Not bad, better than most remixes I have heard.


From ‘the 1000th man’ OST,

B1A4’s ‘hey girl’ is a light and fun song, capable of driving the blues away:D

From Arang & Magi OST,

This is a rather rare song of Jae In’s that I like. I thought her voice suited this kind of song very well.


I know most have watched this show. But for those who haven’t, this song by Kim Min Seok is worth a listen. Can’t imagine if he sang this in busan accent. Haha!

K-Pop associated Videos. heh.

Aww..Seobie trying to act tough with BAP’s ‘No Mercy’? I missed seeing Du Jun! It’s nice knowing that the groups are fans of other…groups. 😀

Additional (Not K-pop related but Canto-pop related)

This isn’t really Canto Pop. The singer is a HK celeb but this is an english song. I wanted to share this since I thought it was a slick listen.

Thanks for reading and hope you guys support the official MVs, if they aren’t here. If there are any other good songs out there I had not mention, do suggest it to me. I love a good song~

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