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K-Pop News So Far [21–22 Aug 2012] Part 1

Sorry everyone! I had a rough Friday and then I lazed until today. heh:P But a daily HK show I was watching ended and so I had to do an immediate review which shaved many hours off my time. I’m sorry to say there will be no reviews this week either. Time management is for players, not me! 😛

Making the headlines for me

1. LOLs of the day.

Too funny. Yu Bin as an excited JYP fan, holding a serious JYP fan. JYJ’s photo consisting of an ass-kicking yoochun, a trying-to-look-sexy-by-sticking-butt-out Junsu and a model JaeJoong. It’s like Micky couldn’t stand Junsu posing like that and Jae Joong wants to stay out of the brawl and look cool and nonchalant. haha! Beautiful sunset(? or sunrise) by the way!


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