K-Pop News So Far [21–22 Aug 2012] Part 1

21 Aug

Sorry everyone! I had a rough Friday and then I lazed until today. heh:P But a daily HK show I was watching ended and so I had to do an immediate review which shaved many hours off my time. I’m sorry to say there will be no reviews this week either. Time management is for players, not me! ūüėõ

Making the headlines for me

1. LOLs of the day.

Too funny.¬†Yu Bin¬†as an excited JYP fan, holding a serious JYP fan.¬†JYJ’s photo¬†consisting of an ass-kicking yoochun, a trying-to-look-sexy-by-sticking-butt-out Junsu and a model JaeJoong. It’s like Micky couldn’t stand Junsu posing like that and Jae Joong wants to stay out of the brawl and look cool and nonchalant. haha! Beautiful sunset(? or sunrise) by the way!


The photo below cracks me up because the animals fits the main cast of Running Man perfectly!

The more LOLs of the day, the merrier right?

2. I couldn’t help it. The pictures were too pretty.

After putting Hyo Ri in so many tight-fitting clothes, this was very comfortable to look at.¬†I love the loose concept on Hyo Ri and she pulls it off just as nicely. ( haha so rap-py)¬†We have another big star (Big Bang’s GD) posing for BSX winter line.

the bgm reminds me of simonandmartina haha.

Another pretty-in-a-vid with WG’s So Hee working it in Cosmopolitan’s bts¬†photo shoot. She’s really cute and has a nice figure. I previously didn’t quite understand the hype around So Hee. But now that I have watched her sharp,cutting comments in Running Man, I have begun to take more notice on her. Yeah, her comments were delicious!

Fellow group mate, Yu Bin takes part in a¬†photo shoot¬†as well, with model Yoon Jin Wook, for C√®ci’s mag.

Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy’s long-awaited Bean Pole’s fashion shoot is not exactly here, but the preview, a video showing the spots of the shots¬†(heh:P)¬†they had released earlier is here. Don’t worry! September is reaching soon! If you are hungry for more pictures, then head over here to see KSH in Ziozia’s fall pictorial.

Variety has eye candy?!¬†Aww..look at how shy Joo Sang Wook is! * finds latest episode of QoM * ūüėõ

3. Couple News

I totally love the Haha-Byul couple right now and liked how their announcement was shocking and yet comfortable news for everyone with their comedy-for-the-family comments. [yoon do hyun is really charming!] You have to read the comments of this article. It’s so darn funny!

There were rumours before that Lee Min Jung (1982) and Lee Byun Hun(1970) had gotten married. Looks like the saying ‘there’s no smoke without fire’ is true because the two stars are indeed together, though they have not yet said their vows.Although the age difference is huge, both still look incredibly compatible. ¬† ¬†¬†Congrats to the couple!

In the bromance (what?:P) section of couple news: Shinhwa’s Dongwan believes that ‘friendship is more important than love’ and that the shinhwa buddies were there to help him through his tough heartbreak. Shinhwa does really embody such strong friendship realistically. Aww<3¬†


4. Other Celebrity news

Did I just read that Kang Ho Dong has signed with SME? (Haha! whenever I say that I laugh. It’s like ordering the burger at Macs) Then that means he has a chance of returning to varieties very soon! Yippee!

Hope his return is a smooth one. Welcome back KHD ahjusshi:D


That ends the first part of this k-pop so far. Part 2 will be a songs-only post. Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed!


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