How about some Drama/Film News? [22nd Aug 2012]

22 Aug

I didn’t think that leaving drama/film news out just once, would leave me so much to cover. Haha. Well, there wasn’t very much drama/film news on 16th Aug then,…hehe:P

New Dramas!

1. May Queen starring Jae Hee, Han Ji Hye and Kim Jae Won has begun airing last week, on the 18th( last Sat. oh so weekend drama.). I know I know. I’m behind time. Anyhow, the show will be a 32 episode series, ‘following a woman’s success story in the shipping industry’. Of course, I do like how it’s focusing on a woman’s accomplishment. However the only things that come to mind are makjang and the many hours I have to spend watching this. 😛 As for the three leads, they do look the part. * saliva drooling over their Jae Hee in his suit * I’ve missed Jae Hee so much, but my drama commitment issues….LOL.. well, I’ll just have to settle for his last drama, Colour of Woman. Sigh..another long drama I have to say goodbye to…

2. There’s another weekend drama ‘Rascal Sons‘ coming up and Answer Me, 1997’s star, Seo In Guk is casted as the youngest of the three sons in a family of 5. It’s nice to see underdogs getting recognised. The show will be about marriage and divorce, coinciding with Korean’s family-oriented cultures. Eo Nam Seon(keke. blame happy tgt! :P) AKA Ryu Soo Young has also confirmed the role for brother #2. Though this probably reminds you of Ojjakkyo bros, his character here is going to be different – a novelist who’s not very pragmatic and falls for his ‘sis-in-law’ /friend’s gf.

3. Ji Jin Hee’s upcoming 36 episode, October sageuk ‘The Great Seer/ Dae Poong Soo’, with co-stars Kim So Yeon( Prosecutor Princess, Coffee) and Song Chang Eui( You Have Fallen For Me), has two more actors joining the show and they are Lee Yoon Ji (DH) and Ji Sung( Protect the Boss). The show’s about the kings’ advisers, with Jin Hee’s played by Ji Sung. The catch? Ji Jin Hee’s not the rightful king from the start. He’s a general who will plan a coup, with the help of Ji Sung. The story’s quite complicated at first read but it also sounds really interesting. Kim So Yeon is in it, Ji Sung is in it, Lee Yoon Ji is also in it, the story does seem like a good one. Dilemma dilemma….

4. Sigh, another weekend drama ‘My Love, Madame Butterfly‘ is in the works and coming to the local Korean screens this October. The story is about Yeom Jeong Ah’s (Royal Family) character who became a fallen star after damaging stories about her emerged, effectively ruining her life as a celebrity. I do like seeing such shows. But sadly, it’s not about her coming up again through hard work. Instead, it’s about her continuing her life with her in-laws. She’s supposed to have a strong personality. So I wonder if her underdog story will come up to push the storyline further.

WHAT’S WITH ALL THE LONG SHOWS?! ahh it’s okay, I still have 60+ plus shows and counting..

5. Finally! A short drama:D ‘When I was Prettiest‘ is a 1-ep drama special (curses, these specials are the hardest to find…=,=) about Lee Jong Seok’s character falling for another girl (let’s call her B) when he already has one (she’s A). Just that A’s sick and he’s taking care of her.

Maybe all the stress got to him and he found a new friend in B and then friendship turned into love. That could happen but then what about A? Are we expected to feel for A since all these wasn’t her fault? How the drama would conclude everything in 1 episode is what’s making me extremely curious.

NewFilms! (when will it come to my country? or maybe, when can i watch it without feeling guilty?)

1. Ha Ji Won, I admire you. I really do. With all the projects she seems to keep taking, it’s a wonder she can still look so good and take on more films and dramas. Her new film ‘Joseon Trio of Beauties‘ is going to be an action-comedy where Ji Won and her two other co-stars (Kang Ye Won and BEG’s Ga In) will be secret agents in the Joseon Era. It does indeed sound like the ‘sageuk version of Charlie’s Angels’.

2. ‘The Grand Heist‘, is the sageuk version of the currently highly popular ‘The Thieves’, but with Cha Tae Hyun! and Ice! I don’t know what’s funnier/ more pitiful that it’s funny – stealing ice which melts once it’s stolen, or Tae Hyun’s crew doing everything they literally can to steal the cold cubes and then realising the properties of it. The film sounds as ‘blasty’ as ‘The Thieves’ but done in a more ridiculous fashion. * Prays for a kind soul to upload it * 

3. Song Joong Ki’s latest film ‘Werewolf Boy’ has its trailers out and I love everything about it. I almost cried after watching it!The show looks like it will be a gloomy watch but also unexpectedly touching and cute at the same time. Park Bo Young and Song Joong Ki are freakin’ adorable together! And for those who think ‘Twilight’, this movie is on a totally different route. AKP’s description sounds ‘twilight’ but the trailer makes everything different.

Drama Updates

1. I know this is late, but for those still deciding to watch (join the wait-for-all-episodes-to-be-uploaded-so-I-don’t-have-to-suffer club! ehe), I have the trailer for ‘To The Beautiful You’ below.  Watching this preview was totally pushing my resistance even further . Firstly, I know the plot and so everything is too similar for my liking. Secondly, the whole preview was disadvantageously lengthy. Long trailers can actually be an advantage but they used it wrongly. And in the case of a remake, I felt that the preview should have been shorter just so as to attract enough attention and curiosity. But they kept repeating stuff and I couldn’t stand those over-the-top/ cartoon-ish effects. Honestly, I couldn’t even stand watching it after a minute. Sorry. What got me, was the dog’s name. LOL.

In other dramas news, weekend drama My Daughter So Young which previously had the chance of reuniting Wish Upon A Star leads, Choi Jung Won and Kim Ji Hoon, now has new leads. The two dropped out because of schedule problems and the two new stars are Lee Bo Young and Park Hae Jin. The writer wrote 49 Days and Prosecutor Princess! That’s it. Accumulating dramas, you better be good to me.

If anybody’s wondering why no mention of Jo In Sung’s and Song Hye Kyo’s possible drama comeback, it’s because one, I’m not a huge fan of theirs and two, nothing’s confirmed.

And that’s everything for this edition’s drama/film news. Thanks and hope you enjoyed the post:D

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