Going Crazy on K-Indies [22 Aug 2012]

22 Aug

The past 5 days didn’t have many songs that impressed me and I stumbled on an AKP review which led me to many many many songs :O Too many to put in one post.

Neon Bunny! AKP introduced her to me 😀 and what pleasant songs! Wow k-indies can be fantastic listens!

Her airy voice is so attractive, giving this song a unique quality to it. There’s another song of hers here😀


Junggigo was also on the publisher‘s ‘more videos’. What delicate music from a guy. Like another Alex. Ha. There are 10 tracks in the album, here are three songs to try out:D and my fixations on falsettos by male singers.

OMG AWESOMENESS IN HUGE PROPORTIONS HERE.  R&B can be so sexy. hehe:P More songs by 2LSON can be found from the uploader. This by another uploader. There’s another uploader of 2LSON songs that you might want to check it out.

Clover has a latin-inspired style going on which I enjoy. The song below already sounds great right from the start.  I wonder what the lyrics mean..haha.

Isn’t this JQ from Star Golden Bell?? Haha. Here’s an MV from him. Using ‘JQ제이큐’ to search on youtube would be more fruitful.  Funkeh~

I didn’t know this guy before. Not bad at all 😀 

Something about female rappers, rapping the heck out of the lyrics, is just so cool to me. No wonder I like Yoon MiRae and Miryo (BEG).  This is a song by Miss $.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the selection of songs in here.


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