K-Pop News So Far [21-22 Aug 2012] part 2

22 Aug

Songs-part of k-pop:D


The two songs that are up next are songs from EvoL’s debut album. The title track was in 12th Aug’s K-Pop So Far. As for the 3rd one/ Track #1, I didn’t add it in here because I didn’t like it. The start was good though.  Amazing harmonisation and falsetto here~

Very daring, hip hop-y kind of genre. Instant ear candy!

Songs from Phantom’s debut album:D Phantom’s title track can be found here, in the comeback section. ‘Phantom City’ IS the group’s debut album, but their debut song was ‘hole in your face‘.

The collaboration was a good idea!

Now it’s turn for verbal Jint to feature in Phantom’s song? Aww. The beat and the rap is really addicting.

SO MUCH FUN! I remember enjoying this song when it was released eons (in terms of k-pop release speed) ago. Somehow, the oooh~ ooh ooh~ ooh ooh~ oo makes me feel cool and refreshed. haha! BTW, ‘Ice’ is a commercial track for HITE beer.

This song was okay, not very good not very bad. Too safe for my liking.


This is like one of the rare teasers I watch. As expected Crispi Crunchy are so outrageous and wacky and that’s what I love about them. They take daring and cheeky, to a whole new level.


The song’s alright. But I really wish I could stop G.Na from taking up such songs. Her voice sounds so fake whenever she sings these kind of music. I want her to back off from these songs so she can sing better ones.

Not bad. Her vocals were already good from her Jewelry days. But the song sounds a little disconnected from the voice… I do wish Park Jung Ah would do a duet with her if they have the chance. *crosses fingers*

Omg Junsu’s voice is too beautiful. I actually thought that it would be a Korean song sprinkled with some English words to cool-ify the song, as with all typical idol k-pop. But I didn’t mind the song like that and anyway, the English surprisingly sounds better on a second listen. Seriously I could listen to Junsu even if he sang gibberish.The MV was beautifully shot too. 😀

Never a fan of Nine Muses, but this song deserves some promotion:D


I have never been a CHI CHI fan but this song gave me a nice impression of them. ‘Pink Lens’ does suit the premise of the upcoming expected-cute-on-overload cross-dressing drama, ‘My Girl Boy’.

 Goosebumps. Four words can express how good this song is: Just listen to it. What a well done ballad.

K-Pop associated vids

Psy has become seriously popular in the States!  Haha this parody just hits the right spot! Very witty remake:D So crazy and apt, I wonder what the lyrics mean.

I don’t really like how the girl in black said things like ‘Why are they so random in Asia? People in Asia are probably overused to this.’ I’m Asian but I don’t go around doing stuff like this! I dislike stereotyping so so much. But I did like seeing the reactions. Haha. That black dude looks like The Incredibles’s Frozone! lol.

Thanks and hope you liked the songs and my comments.

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