K-Pop News So Far [27th Aug 2012] Part 1

28 Aug

Omg so sorry to all readers here. FYI, the news will be from 21(there was some stuff I may have missed out)-27 Aug.

LOL of the Day: WHO you laughin’ at:P

1. Crispi Crunchy(? because if it’s crunch, then it would be 츠 instead of 치) makes me laugh the moment I see news of them. Ha, you almost thought they could do it! Cheezy’s face after the failed challenge was epic! But there have been people saying that this challenge is dangerous. I feel bad for laughing now.. Without a doubt, I wouldn’t want these celebrities harming themselves in the name of comedy. Because if that was the purpose, then I would rather see you two challenge eating lemons. It’s funny and healthy! 😛

2. Jae Joong back this time alone in our LOLotd. Is he that bored? Hmm..Who’s taking the photos? or is he using timer camera? Wait, there’s a reflection! The first picture on the left is awesome! haha. Take a look below!

Good-Looking People

First way to find them: CFs

Kim Soo Hyun sure is making a lot of money from CFs. Look at him raking in bugs bucks for fabric softener brand Pigeon. What a strange name for a fabric softener. I wonder what’s the meaning behind the name. There are 2 versions to the CF though.  The bts/making is here The second version and bts/making can be seen in the video below. But I thought the akp link had a better second version.

Second method: Fashion spreads in Magazines.

This Sept’s ‘W Korea’ Mag will have My favourite 2PM member, JunHo as its model in the fashion section. YAHOO! There are some photos taken from akp and a bts video of the shoot below. 

Park Han Byul(!!) is the model for lingerie brand, Bodyguard. Lingerie and..bodyguard? So the person wearing their brand of lingerie needs a bodyguard? Be..cause it makes the person look too attractive?She has an awesomely awesome bod (obviously=.=). Perfectly tanned:D

I know I have never done such long pictures before. But the pretteh!

Next, we have Miss A’s Suzy doing her own photo shoot with the bts videos below. Credits to koreanindo for the linkable vids.  I didn’t like the initial dark, gothic look on Suzy here. It felt too mature for her. I do prefer seeing Suzy’s smiles to her poker face or the usual model look, trying to seem cool. Suzy often smiles, which has given me a very bright, happy impression of her.To me, her fair skin and outgoing personality suits the chipper coloured kind of apparel like the one in the later part of the video, where her hair and eye-liner was done better. I do like her braided hair with what’s she’s wearing for the first outfit in this video. With the smoky, thicker eye-liner, the whole look gives off a European flair to it. In this video, Suzy is wearing more age-appropriate, sporty, casual outfits. The last blue one she was wearing was too serious for her. 

Son Dam Bi and Kang Ji Hwan together for ‘W Korea’ magazine. Oh? The one Junho’s doing too? I am spazzing over their shoot here. The monochrome pictures do go with the dramatic tone perfectly. Fantastique!

And here’s what I called a failed fashion spread. The ‘boxing’ concept and the way the 4 idols are posing, just made the entire thing came off as insincere. Where’s the boxing? Wait, is this a parody of snsd’s boys?

I have so many gripes.Firstly, Siwan, Dasom and Eunji are posing as if they were at a bar. Seriously, isn’t boxing supposed to be a sweaty rigorous exercise? And why don’t I see that in all of them? Especially Dasom, Eun Ji and L/Myeongsu Shin! Shin looks rugged here. But I don’t see how boxing can get you all that dirt and mud. Hmm, I doubt the magazine’s even ‘sure’ of the intent and execution.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed part 1. I thought it may be videos and news overload if I continued. So stay tuned for part 2!


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