K-Pop News So Far [27th Aug 2012] Part 2

28 Aug

Here’s part II! Click to see Part 1( LOLs and eye candy)

Couple News

During an episode of MBC’s Infinity Challenge, Haha professed his love for his fiancé. Trust Haha to turn something sincere to a laugh-fest. Calm your inner penguin Haha! or did Sparta teach you how to be a beast? hehe:P

I actually didn’t know which section to classify this news into when I first saw it. But since it’s a variety about virtual couples… So recently, MBC’s WGM had held an open casting call to bring new couples onto the show since one’s leaving. (Sorry I don’t watch WGM and if there’s any term for a shorter short-term memory, that word’s describing my ability to recall. So if I’m not wrong it’s the couple with eunjung in it.) And Beast participated.

But the outcome was too funny. JunHyung, as you know it, is in a relationship with Hara. So he got immediately rejected with the reason being a “man who would get slapped by his girlfriend if he appeared on ‘We Got Married’”. LOL. Then there’s Yoseob who resorted to wearing insoles and Dujun who’s thought to be a cheater. Both were unfortunately, disqualified too. There was no mention of the other 3 members, whom may have a better chance.


This is another Beast news and another where equal parts suit LOL and equal parts suit this section. I enjoy reading about bromance or even for the matter, womance. The way they joked around was hilarious. Jun Hyung was asking for a beating! Omg, they are so childishly funny. haha!

Netizens React

With Beast’s comeback, there have been good/happy news and bad news that comes with it. On a recent episode of KBS Entertainment Weekly’s Guerilla Date, Beast’s DuJun’s actions towards a foreigner fan, had offended some people. To me, I did think it was a little too much of Dujun. However it was MC Kim Tae Jin whom, for fun’s sake, actually started it. So both have equal blames to carry. Considering that I’ve also seen videos of foreigner commenting that Koreans actually do openly (or rather bluntly) comment about a person’s weight,  I doubt it was taken that seriously in Korea. (A video like that is below.) I’m just glad the girl took no offence to Dujun’s reactions and even refreshingly admitted that he wouldn’t be able to carry her. 

This next bit is totally ridiculous. Psy’s old hit ‘Champion’ have been called out for its ‘controversial’ lyrics. Apparently, the thought that a Korean song with Korean lyrics has never occurred to these people. Niga in the Korean language means you (are) and does not have the intention of offending the blacks. Seriously, some people are just stirring up trouble for nothing. On the bright side, I found ‘Champion’ very fun and very psy:D

Variety in variety. 

Park Myeong Su and Boom is having one where both have their own corners. Park Myeong Su’s sounds like another Oh!My School/ 100 points out of 100, which was used to enhance an idol’s variety skills, but with rookie comedians. Sounds like it’s gonna be very funny and I actually like Park Myeong Su. Boom’s corner will be about past songs that made it to the top.

The other two varieties have cool ideas. One of them is a shock which turned into a pleasant surprise – it’s a transgender talk show. Imagine how family oriented the Korean culture is, it’s a major step forward. I’m actually quite happy that some are willing to open up their mindsets. It’s a very daring concept because not many accept this kind of thing being out on the open. Shin Dong Yup and quite aptly,Hong Seok Cheon will be the hosts of the show. Hope the reception is good!

The second is the last variety news of this section – Haha’s own talk show, ‘Haha’s 19TV Mutiny‘. It’s gonna be a riot with all the 19+ talks going on. Can they invite BEG or Narsha?? haha. Seems like Byul is his lucky star! Really! Narsha’s gonna be a hella fun!

K-Pop related/ Other Celeb news.

With Psy’s Oppa Gangnam Style taking the world by storm, it’s hardly shocking that his income will see a rise. But getting 10 million USD is pretty insane. Of course when you take the income apart, it does make sense – Album sales, downloads, promotions, CFs, events, concerts, coming out on TV. More and more people are getting introduced to Psy and when you are hot, you become an even hotter commodity. So 10 million USD may actually just be the beginning.  I’m of the same mind with YG CEO Yang Hyun Seok, in that I never expected the song to become such a big thing. All of Psy’s previous songs and videos were just as awesome and yet it never became such a huge deal in the world. 

Ha this picture just screams funny and it reminds me of Sunny Hill’s song, the title rather,’The White Horse is Coming’. I’m glad Psy is having his success, finally. He’s a great performer, with seemingly endless energy considering his age and is so much fun!

While on the topic of age, Kim Tae Won’s 15 year-old ‘grand’ daughter is planning to follow in papa’s footsteps.

I can’t say I’m happy for her, considering that K-Pop is bursting at its seams with more and more rookies debuting each year.

And so I’m actually at the stage where I’m going to explode, myself. But hearing her story…sobs..gahh.. these emotions of mine..

To leave on a happier note before part 3 comes, here is JaeJoong having public displays of bromantic affection while on an afternoon outing with his Dr Jin co-stars Jin Yi Han hyung, (actor) Kwak Yong Hwan and (idol group F.cuz member) Lee U [/ee oo/ ??] I’m just wondering who suggested all these quirky with a side placrazy…Jaejoong??Well, just look at him posing like he’s a part of the furniture in part 1!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed:D Be sure to stay for part 3 for the songs~


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