K-Pop News So Far [27th Aug 2012] part 3

29 Aug

Part 2 is a click away above. Hopefully, you guys like the song picks for this time round’s K-Pop news:D


With GD back, I do feel sorry for the debuts, especially, and comebacks that are released around the same time. A mere post of GD’s MV is quite enough to bulldoze everything in sight, except Psy and Tiger JK. Haha. I’m so pleased with GD’s ‘One of A kind’! It’s edgy and has this weirdly addicting sound that suits GD well. The tiger cub and bear in the MV<3 Sorry I was so distracted by this daring addition to a music video. But I did notice Taeyang’s cameo 😛 It was a good surprise!  The lyrics are very GD and I’m so glad that it’s about something other than love between a guy and a girl. I love the rap, both the slow and fast ones. This guy’s charisma and confidence is magnetic. Even though the lyrics is egotistical, one can’t help but react to his pull. Honestly, I had extremely high expectations for his solo comeback. You can’t blame me really. GD has had his share of producing hits like ‘haru haru’ and ‘last farewell’ and when you have such talents, it’s no surprise people think of you so highly. 😀 But like what Gary would say: stree~ss. haha

I know I have posted Seo In Young’s solo comeback title track in another post, but since the official MV’s released, I shall just put it up:D Sadly, she won’t be performing this song and instead will come back soon with a new album. I guess it’s a move to remind people she’s alive. Haha.

Solbi is back with her new album ‘Ottoogi’. I wasn’t in the mood to search for songs so I just settled with the 3 videos on the AKP post. 😛 I did like her quirky and playful title track ‘Ottoogi’. I wasn’t interested in her other 2 tracks because nowadays, most of the ballads sound the same – the first few verses even start to sound alike. It’s a pity because I do like ballads. 

ZE:A has released the Korean version of ‘Pheonix’. Gosh the mirror set in the MV reminds me of 2pm’s I’ll be back. The song is not bad actually. But it’s also very conventional k-pop and honestly speaking,brings nothing much with its entrance. Such songs have the possibility of fading into anonymity. Underdogs ‘hwaiting!’


Tiny-G has debuted with title track ‘Tiny-G’ and I am liking the song. With strong vocals and a nice number of members, I do hope they get the attention they deserve. I do have a small issue but it’s not Tiny G that I’m directing it to. Lately, the new girl groups have adopted either mature/fierce or punk/hip-hop concepts. But with so many groups coming out with the same idea, it’s going to be hard to differentiate and get attention. I am happy since I hate dislike girl groups overdoing the sexy or the cute and that good vocalist are finally coming out into the open. *rant – I might offend*The way they promote makes me think they are selling sex because their songs aren’t good enough or something. I don’t mean to offend. It’s just a thought I get when I see such groups performing. And the thing is their shorts are getting shorter!! LOOK AT KARA’S PANDORA! For goodness sake, their jackets reach to the same length as their shorts or maybe a smitch longer! I think these groups are going for swimsuits as their stage outfits next. =.= * end of rant*

Another girl group by the name of Fiestar has yet to be done with their official debut track but has collaborated with Tiger JK to release a song called ‘Wicked’. You can check it out below:)  Not bad! The beginning was very interesting and I didn’t mind the chipmunk-ified start. It makes for some cute! The lead up to the chorus is great! This song just makes you feel like getting on your feet and dance:D


Here is Arang & Magi’s OST by Yoon Do Hyun. It’s an awesome rock song, expected of Yoon Do Hyun.  I didn’t know his voice was this good! I did fall for his charms in a Running Man episode and in an episode of entertainment weekly with him and have always wanted to hear his songs. Btw, I never knew a rock song could be added into the OST of a sageuk. haha. So hip! Now I’m thinking Hong Gil Dong. Lol. I get side-tracked so dam easily.

I don’t discriminate if the songs are good. I dislike Suju but I gave ‘spy’ a chance. I won’t watch ‘to the beautiful you’ however if there are good songs in their OST, I don’t mind listening to them. There’s one by Onew but I didn’t quite like it. I am happy to see that Onew has a rare solo song. Here’s one from Sunny and Luna that I did enjoy listening to!  The two sound good together. The song is light and youthful and so very matching for the show. It does make me feel like I’m in the midst of enjoying Spring, seeing flowers sway in the wind and getting refreshed by the cool breeze. Ahhh~ My country has no seasons…ahh… * December please come quickly. I need my monsoon winds.*

Other Videos of interest

B.A.P can be seen parodying Psy’s latest mega hit ‘OGS’. They are so cute. Bang Yong Guk too😛 .

Fiestar’s Yezi and Cheska had a rap ‘battle’ before ‘wicked’ came out and I’ve got to admit. Yezi’s, was full of win.  Fierce :DD

Songs I thought were worth sharing:D I won’t be putting the videos here, just the links to them, or else this page would be hard to load.

Tony(An)&SM☆SH’s ‘Get Your Swag On‘ is so catchy it makes you feel like dancing along! Jerry<3 😛

K-indie: 2LSON’s Hocus Pocus‘ is an R&B song that is easy to like. Very smoothly done. I’ve previously expressed how happy I was to find 2LSON and their songs. They really are an amazing band. When you need to unwind, this song should be a good choice. 😀

As for SNSD, I’m not much of a fan but you can’t say I don’t like their songs either. It’s their concept that literally pushes me away. ‘Forever‘ is a ballad I found on Seoul FM, an online radio that plays k-pop songs. TTS’s baby steps is a wonderful song too.

Urban Zakapa has beautiful vocals. All of them. Their technique is marvellous. They know when to go strong and when to pull back for a lighter touch. My first song from them was ‘The Spring Picture‘. ‘Always be mine‘ was also heard on Seoul FM and though the falsetto may be too much, the singer’s vocals are wonderful. Dramabeans occasionally put a song up on their recaps and it happened to be UZ’s. ‘The day we first met‘ has the piano adding a dainty touch to the song. It does feel emotional but the piano makes it feel a little happier. The song makes me think of a person looking out of the window while it’s raining, holding a picture album of her and her ex and thinking about the happy moments of their relationship.

Thanks for reading and hope you liked what I chose for this post.

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