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Drama/Film News: Bite-size Edition [30th Aug 2012]

I thought you guys may need an update of what’s happening on the other side of the entertainment world, so this post will be an update about what’s to come for the new dramas and announced ones.

Casting News

Moon Geun Young has confirmed her role in sitcom ‘Cheongdam-dong Alice’. Her co-star would be Park Shi Hoo. To be honest, I’m not impressed with the story line. It sounds so generic and cinderell-y. I actually wished MGY’s Alice was a high-flyer designer who then got into some sort of controversy or back-stab because of her attitude. With her nose still in the air, she is obliged to work for her present boss’s wife, whose talent is obviously incomparable to Alice’s. I can envision all the humiliation and the boss’s wife being hilarious at trying to win because of her inferiority complex already! Haha. I hope I’m wrong. It will be nice seeing MGY in a good drama:D

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Review #8: Pasta(2010)

Hello! The review next up ‘Pasta’ is finally done. Whew.

* Spoiling the show for you beyond this message, by yours truly*

Considering my issues with long dramas( Referring to those I choose to watch. HK ones are daily so I don’t feel the strain on my time. I know, I don’t make sense.) , it’s a wonder how I could commit my time to watch Pasta.The thing with these long shows is how they write and time or pace each content-of-the-day, the build-up of the tension and the cliff-hangers. I really don’t mind spending my hours watching a long show, if it gives me a good pace and good content every hour. 30-episodes-and-more shows just give me the impression that I have to either endlessly wait for the main story/romance to come to fruition (Eg Queen of Reversal. Bahh the things I do for my favourite celebs. But..then..I got tired and ran away. Sorry Park Shi Hoo!!) or watch an exciting first half, possibly with children or teens, and then get disappointed at the lack of anything happening in the second half because the writer/director-nim had probably lost steam or something( Eg. Queen Seon Deok?).

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