Drama/Film News: Bite-size Edition [30th Aug 2012]

30 Aug

I thought you guys may need an update of what’s happening on the other side of the entertainment world, so this post will be an update about what’s to come for the new dramas and announced ones.

Casting News

Moon Geun Young has confirmed her role in sitcom ‘Cheongdam-dong Alice’. Her co-star would be Park Shi Hoo. To be honest, I’m not impressed with the story line. It sounds so generic and cinderell-y. I actually wished MGY’s Alice was a high-flyer designer who then got into some sort of controversy or back-stab because of her attitude. With her nose still in the air, she is obliged to work for her present boss’s wife, whose talent is obviously incomparable to Alice’s. I can envision all the humiliation and the boss’s wife being hilarious at trying to win because of her inferiority complex already! Haha. I hope I’m wrong. It will be nice seeing MGY in a good drama:D

Five Fingers has dropped EunJung out of the show and replaced her with Gakitsal’s Jin Sae Yeon. I am appalled at this fair-weather attitude. If it has anything to do with the bullying scandal, I’m going to laugh. Didn’t the Chief Producer mentioned that Eunjung will remain a member of the cast even after the scandal’s still raging like a forest fire? If you were to tell me that the scandal was affecting the drama and that it is unfair for the others, then maybe I wouldn’t have been so pissed with them. But with a CHIEF producer promising, there’s just no way I’m letting off the people behind this drama for such a dismissal. And for those people who are saying that this whole matter was HwaYoung’s fault, I am disgusted. Does anybody actually know what happened? Because if you don’t I sincerely hope that you keep such opinions to yourself. There’s no point in spreading such sentiments. Moreover, the statistics in the article here implied that kicking Eunjung out was the reason why the drama is doing well with the viewers. I just thank god for people like the ones from KEMA( korean Entertainment Management Association) who speak out on such unfairness.


I have a question. Was Moon-Sun that bad? Or are people trying to milk this cash cow? I haven’t watched it yet but the drama’s going to be compressed into a 60-minute episode showing the highlights. Now I’m torn as to whether I should settle for 60 minutes or not watch the show at all. 😛 Moon-Sun’s just the starting actually. MBC’s turning the idea of ‘the best 60 minutes‘ into an ambitious project to compress past hit dramas into an hour every Friday, starting on 24th Aug. So not just one cash cow, but a whole farm of them? I sure hope they don’t butcher the actual storyline, while at the same time including the good scenes.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. The next post will be around next Tuesday or Wednesday:D


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2 responses to “Drama/Film News: Bite-size Edition [30th Aug 2012]

  1. soo bin

    September 11, 2012 at 12:10 PM

    i share the same sentiment with you re: the Eun Jung issue. well, this happens in kdramaland. lol

    • fridaymojo

      September 11, 2012 at 3:10 PM

      My first comment! Thanks:D Sigh this industry is particularly ‘efficient’ on such things. When you are hot, you are so hot( Eg. PSY, Kim Soo Hyun). When you are not, you get dropped before you can say anything D: But Eunjung’s matter was and still is unforgivable.


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