Review #8: Pasta(2010)

30 Aug

Hello! The review next up ‘Pasta’ is finally done. Whew.

* Spoiling the show for you beyond this message, by yours truly*

Considering my issues with long dramas( Referring to those I choose to watch. HK ones are daily so I don’t feel the strain on my time. I know, I don’t make sense.) , it’s a wonder how I could commit my time to watch Pasta.The thing with these long shows is how they write and time or pace each content-of-the-day, the build-up of the tension and the cliff-hangers. I really don’t mind spending my hours watching a long show, if it gives me a good pace and good content every hour. 30-episodes-and-more shows just give me the impression that I have to either endlessly wait for the main story/romance to come to fruition (Eg Queen of Reversal. Bahh the things I do for my favourite celebs. But..then..I got tired and ran away. Sorry Park Shi Hoo!!) or watch an exciting first half, possibly with children or teens, and then get disappointed at the lack of anything happening in the second half because the writer/director-nim had probably lost steam or something( Eg. Queen Seon Deok?).

As for Pasta, It has 30 episodes but it also had Lee Seon Gyun, whom people were raving about. What? He does look charismatic…heh:P Why do you have to give me such headaches, drama?! (I’m also talking to you and you, upcoming shows ‘The Great Seer’ and ‘May Queen’ 😦 ) For anyone’s information, I have never watched Coffee Prince, which has LSG in it. Well if you counted watching the first few episodes and then giving up on it, then yes, I did watch Coffee Prince. Just that I gave up quarter-way. (There are some dramas that just don’t get you into their world, not that the show wasn’t good, mind. Coffee Prince was like that to me, same with anime Lovely Complex. )

Disney Ratatouille Cartoon Remy Afraid Photo Ratatouille Movie Posters From Amazon

I haven’t seen either Gong Hyo Jin or LSG, lead-couple wise, in any of the shows I had picked since I started the drama obsession in 2006. So when people kept gushing over him and his voice, I got curious. In addition, my friend was like ‘No, you can forget about the other dramas I’ve recommended but you MUST watch Pasta’. I got reluctantly persuaded and borrowed the DVD from her.

[The story and the leads]

Pasta is a little like Ratatouille, just no secret chef. (Ratatouille was genius! Haha.) It has an Italian restaurant( Pasta’s is La Sfera), serving as the show’s main setting and has conflicts surrounding the new chef. Similar to Ratatouille, we also have a kitchen assistant in the form of Seo Yoo Kyung (Gong Hyo Jin), but this kitchen ‘slave’ of 3 years, aspires to be a chef one day. The new head chef of the restaurant however is very much different from Ratatouille’s Linguini. Choi Hyun Wook (LSG) is experienced, has a terrible personality, and has had a bad experience with a woman in the kitchen which explains his actions in the first few episodes. Fate has it that his ex, Oh Sae Young (Honey Lee), was the one female who scarred him, using boiled wine as a surprise gift. She is Yoo Kyung’s role model (wait till you hear her backstabbing history, YK) and Kim San’s friend. Kim San(Clazziquai’s Alex) is a frequent patron of La Sfera, whom we later know is actually the owner of the restaurant and Yoo Kyung’s secret admirer.


The pace is set slow and has this normal-everyday-life setting. Honestly, watching it made me feel little apprehensive because I could sense that each episode I saw was laid-back. There were many little things to keep the story going on. For instance, the conflicts between the Italian and Korean team, and the 3 ladies’( and later ex-president’s) irritatingly endless efforts to get back at Hyun Wook for firing them. Though everything felt okay after watching the whole show then, I now feel cheated. I’m someone who doesn’t skip parts whether or not the show is good or bad. So now that I think of it, all those sub-plots used to drive the story were just unnecessary content, to me. In fact, if you were to ask me, I practically watched all 30 episodes just so I can see the cute interactions between Gong Hyo Jin and LSG.

[ The characters and my opinions]

LSG, what do I do with you? Now I want to watch all your shows. LSG’s charisma is undeniable. His voice? Like coffee to a plate of cheesecake. Mm.. Anyway, I think LSG did well in his role. His shouting scenes weren’t over-the-top and went hand in hand with his monster-chef persona. (Sign’s Park Shin Yang’s was just too much. ) His chemistry with Gong Hyo Jin was sizzling, like beef on hot-plate. Heh:P Well, it IS a show about cooking…

As for his character’s ‘fear’ of women in his kitchen, it stemmed from a weak back-story in my perspective. I do agree that a betrayal from someone you love and trust has an impact. But generalising every other female in the kitchens you worked at to be like your ex is just plain dumb. So since you got stung badly by a women, that means you aren’t going to date any more, right? Same logic really.

Gong Hyo Jin was very cute as Yoo Kyung. I liked how Yoo Kyung was so determined to be a cook in Hyun Wook’s kitchen and then when she eventually succeeded, the feeling was awesome. It just went against Hyun Wook’s no-woman kitchen law! I just loved how he had to grudgingly accept her back when the act of it practically made him smaller in the eyes of the Korean team, who were resistant to his authority and still had to take every bit of his shit. The part about her even allowing Hyun Wook to make the decision as to whether or not she should go abroad, went against her aspirations and her character.

As for Alex’s Kim San, he was equal parts sweet and frustrating so much so I hated him. Kim San, you are a man. So stand up in front of Yoo Kyung and give her the damn(-ed) confession. Those 3 silent years weren’t enough waiting for her?? I’m not sure if I can believe a man could be faithful for so long. It was so infuriating seeing him not act on the confession. But then again, most second male leads are built on woman’s fantasies of hidden perfect man waiting for them tirelessly. Lol.

Honey Lee’s Sae Young is another annoying character when it has everything to do with the romance  and fight-to-be-head-chef-too parts of the show. She did change for the better towards the end…But her character was too bland. I did like Choi Min Sung, head waiter Nemo. He was super cute and sweet!

😛 He’s really cute!! Who’s cuter: Hyun Woo vs Choi Min Sung? Both? 😛


The best thing of the show was Yoo Kyung’s and Hyun Wook’s relationship. They win, hats off, most-adorable-lead-couple-of-all-time award. Their cute, was completely off the charts. They even continued their cute chemistry towards the end, ridiculously making me die for more.

Pasta is a show that catered mainly for the couple, sadly. Honestly, I watched through all the conflicts just because of this pair. The ending was happy and endearing. I sure enjoyed both of them onscreen together. It was the main draw.

If you want to watch this show, my advice is to skip parts and you should still enjoy it, like how Kaedejun did. Hers is a better read for those who have just watched the show.

Haha Picture on overload 😀 Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed! Credits to Dramabeans for the pictures!

Btw, isn’t this sunki from the devil/ mawang?! (The review would be put up, in case anyone’s wondering why I’ve been mentioning the show too too much. :P) He was on Pasta’s 11th ep!


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