K-Pop News So Far [5th Sept 2012] part 1

06 Sep

This blog actually helps me do a consistent allkpop read! Haha. Just to inform you guys, this edition will be from 27th aug to 5th sept.

PWAHAHAs of the day! 

1. Running Man’s Icon of betrayal, Kwangsu (and I thought it was Yu Jaeseok. The water, has infiltrated the minds of young children using his seemingly harmless pathetic giraffe character. HEHE:P You guys know I’m kidding right? But whaddaya know? Running Man has become such a draw for all ages that an elementary schooler fan’s failure to get a perfect score has kwangsu apologising. The test was about describing the way animals moved. And for giraffes, the student hilariously answered : ‘betray betray’. Ha! That’s a way to show you are a fan:D

2. ZE:A’s KwangHee is hilarious! He’s so vocal about what he wants to say that to me, he’s refreshing and funny rather than hateful. Just look at him trying to push his sister to group member Hyungshik and he has already thought of a plan! Efficient 😀 Hmm, if that’s how a brother bullies, I don’t mind having one like Kwanghee. 😛

O.O( your eyes do go like this…:P) candies!!

1. This month, Ceci will have exo-m‘s fans buying up their magazines! Just look at their bts vid and you know good things will be coming:P I didn’t even know Exo-M had koreans. Sorry. Non-fan here. heh  Luhan really looks like HK singer Hins Cheung and Chen, if I’m not wrong, looks good here. 🙂

2.Can this be considered eye candy? Well, ZE:A’s Hyungshik’s looking fiiiiine. :3

Wow and I thought Siwan looks alright for his height. But next to Hyungshik, he’s smaller by quite a lot. Hyungshik looks like a mannequin here omg.

3. If you are going for a concept that’s casual, bright and full of energy, B1A4 should be a good choice. Seen below are some pictures the group posed for ‘Omphalos‘. Kyaa CNU! *CNU biased*

4.Who’s waiting for KSH and Suzy’s ‘Star and the City: SooSu Couple in New Zealand‘? I know I am. But..I don’t have XTM! Shucks.. However if there’s anybody who has the channel, the program would be on for 2 weeks, starting this week. (oops)

   5. I confess to not liking UEE in the past because I don’t think she’s thaaaat pretty. I think Gahi or Nana is prettier on the whole. But seeing her here in ‘Campus 10”s September issue, totally left me in awe. The butterflies, the purplish background, the hair, the flow-y skirt. They all matched to bring a very pretty picture. It makes me think of a winter-to-spring transition going on. On one hand, the white butterflies look like snow in the wind and on the other, they look like cherry blossoms. That pants…well…haha. She looks a little like moon chaewon in the picture below btw. 

6. Lee Minho and SNSD’s Yoona join hands once again for Eider’s CF. The two look fantastic but the only video I enjoyed was the one below. Heh. Sorry. Neither of their fans:P If you want pictures, there are some here;D

7. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 has some seriously cool stuff going on. * I WAAAAAANT * But who’s going to be us and our teacher then? Us will be represented by Boom (He’s so funny here!) and another girl. The teachers will be CN Blue:DD There are like 5 videos in total. So let the eye-candy-fest begin! I wonder why no chocolate abs :P. Well, this IS an eye candy corner…hehe. First up is the group CF. Be careful of Minhyuk in the vid below, is all I’m saying.  This totally makes me think of You Have Fallen For Me!    lol the mv slow-mo walk:P but jungshin looks great here.  Jonghyun ❤ 😛 The girl’s hair got chopped?

In all, the videos were nicely done, except the occasional black screens on the galaxy notes. Knowing how much of an IT idiot I am, I’m just thinking to myself if I could ever work it like CN Blue. Haha.

8. The kid in Psy’s Oppa Gangnam Style has been attracting a lot of people’s attention. He’s Hwang Min Woo and has been on TV programs (Star King and Korea’s got talent) ,for his dancing skills, before!  OMG SO friggin cute! Who said kids can’t be in this section? haha. Wait, he pierced his ears??

9. 😛 Hey the picture actually fits! That’s actually why this was so funny to me. I just wonder why these two stars…

Part 2 will be up next, covering variety and (if possible) celebrity related news. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!

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