K-Pop News So far [5th Sept 2012] part 2

06 Sep


New varieties

Kim Jong Kook and Boom are going to be MCs of a new variety program ‘Crisis Escape No. 1’ on KBS2. That’s that actually. But with ‘KJK’ and ‘Crisis Escape’, I’m guessing it’s going to be a very physical program. As for the ‘No.1’, I’m thinking that it may be referring to the first thing you should do in a crisis or simply, the first series of the program. If my guess is correct, I wonder how they are going to insert the comedy aspect of variety in this show…

Current Varieties: bringing to you their different sides.

1. WGM has a new couple in ZE:A’s Kwanghee and Secret’s Seonhwa! You know, this might be the first time I might attempt wgm. These two are freaking hilarious!  The video isn’t subbed but I could understand a little about what they were saying. Basically, Kwanghee pranked his wifey using Siwan and watches their interaction with jealousy(?). It’s funny because it’s kwanghee who planned this and yet he’s getting all fired up at Seonhwa’s reaction. Poor Kwanghee though hahahaha

2. In a recent episode of Gag Concert’s, Jung Tae Ho of ‘Brave Guys’ segment did what a role model should do.  As celebrities, be they comedians, idols, actors and actresses, singers and hosts, they all do have a certain advantage in speaking out on social issues and even to a certain extent, starting or improving them. What Jung Tae Ho did was speak his mind about some netizens who post hateful comments. In doing that, he is not only opening about the good and bad things that celebrities have to take but also about how they are also normal people who feel. (Korean fans/netizens just ‘tend’ to forget that 😦 ) After watching SUFBB, I actually feel for these celebrities even more. They have to act like everything’s okay when there are times they actually are not. There are comments/other things that hurt them and yet they can’t do anything about it. And when they take their anger out on the person(s) responsible, things are taken out of context and they get even more crap criticisms for doing what they did. It’s only human to want to let go of all the rubbish you have taken in. Of course, I’m not saying beating up another for what he/she said or did to you is right. There are other ways to release that negative energy and speaking out is one.

3. In the coming episode of Mblaq’s ‘idol manager’, we will be introduced to the quintet’s family of reptiles. I’m actually shocked that they have such pets in their dorms. So to answer host Park Kyung Rim’s, it’s because G.O/Byunghee is allergic to animal fur. (I…I guess that’s the only kind of pet that doesn’t have fur…!!!)And the host gives the best reply: don’t you already have a lot of hair yourself? LoL. Simply, LOL.

Other small mentions

1. I want that Running Man shirt! Like badly D:       2. Looks like ‘Weekly Idol’ with B2ST is a hoot! *Must watch*

3. I found Park Jae Min in a Mblaq news! What a find:P. Haha. Oops. Okay so..erm..Mir’s a centaur because of his lower body….I’m thinking of 2pm’s chansung now..haha..

4. Cross-gene’s Takuya is once again on Dream Team 2! Credits to akp!

5. Bromance makes me tear! Yoseob Kikwang 😛

Celeb-related news

1. Actor Kim Dong Wook has enlisted into the army last thursday. D: NOT THAT CUTE-AS-PIE (Well, I wouldn’t say pies are cute..) FROM UNSTOPPABLE MARRIAGE/ COFFEE PRINCE! …. LOL. Please excuse this behaviour. It’s an…innate thing. 😛

2. I may not be a fan of Kara but I agree that being a female celebrity has it harder than their male counterpart. There are many instances where the male idols receive close to no criticisms for whatever they do. Case in point: 2pm Chansung eating a banana in Abracadabra parody vs Comedian Kwak Yun Hwa..eating a banana.  Was there any difference between how they ate it? Not at all. So why was it alright for Chansung and not for the comedian? For more on double standards: here and here For the akp article: here

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed! Part 3 will be songs:D so stay tune!

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