K-Pop News So Far [5th Sept] part 3 [update on opinions]

09 Sep

Sorry for the late post. No reviews next week. But if anyone’s asking, the next review would be My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

This week was comebacks week!

G-D continues to rock my socks with comeback song #2: that xx. If I’m not wrong, the full title in Korean is  새끼 which translates to ‘that jerk’.  This song was a total surprise. The songs I would relate to G-D and/or Big Bang would be music that is fresh and unique, with an added charismatic edge to it. Another surprise is I actually liked this song because honestly, I didn’t like their previous big bang comeback title song ‘tonight’. The simplicity of the song (the guitar!) and rap just got me the instant I heard it. It’s just nice. (I’m not sure if my mood for certain songs change because now that I’m trying out ‘blue’ again and I actually like it. LOL.) As for the mv, it has this toned-down, plain nature to it that’s so attractive. The blue, greyish tones portray the melancholic side of the song. But nothing really stands out with an ‘in your face’ kind of attitude and it fits the understated vibe of the song. Check out Seoulbeats’ write-up. Without beep version.

Oh and G-D’s solo album tracklist is out. So do go and give the other songs a listen. 

Lexy is back:D I don’t know her(4.5 years away is a very very long time) so this is my first time seeing her. Btw, Lexy looks like Joey Yung. 😛 Her rap is really good. She has a very YG-ish style and obviously, so. Collaborating with the featured singer was a good choice. The song is awesome in its entirety but I also agree with some that this fierce concept is becoming very common, with the whole hoard of rookie groups debuting this year .

Crispi Crunchy has released a new ‘song’ and more teasers! Ha, what are we going to do with these two? They make me think of two naughty boys imagining ways to do things behind their mother’s *cough-mv ban-ers-cough* back. haha.  Yeap. No sound. Ha! So here’s the preview! Haha Am I in super mario?   This is probably their title song teaser and it sounds fun! Love their outrageousness! And thank goodness. The music’s back! Credits to akp Somebody NEEDS to sub this. * I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT! * Look at how they are holding their lollis like how a smoker would! So many things up their sleeves these two. I just love them! credits to akp.

BAP’s repackage album has another new song in store for us! The song’s called ‘crash’. The other ‘new’ song is Bang Yong Guk’s solo ‘I remember’ with Daehyun’s voice.  This totally reminds me of Nu’est. After their emo/edgy ‘Action’ comeback, they return with carefree-summer-y ‘not over you’. ‘Crash’ is like that. The difference? ‘Crash’ shows us more of who BAP is. It isn’t so restrained like any other MV and which, I particularly like. Daehyun seemed so matured in the first half of the video until he reveals to us his playful nature playing baseball/softball. What I love the best? Their bond. Bromance ftw!

As for ‘I remember’, the song sounds good with Daehyun. But I prefer the version with yoseob.  

Urban Zakapa’s ‘I Hate You’ has nothing to boast about. However, the instant the female vocalist sang the first line, I immediately took a liking to the song. Also, the light touch of the piano balanced the song out, or it would have gotten too heavy for me. This situation of mine, was just like GD’s ‘that xx’. So simple and gentle and yet so complicated. I may be in the mood for such songs after all. On a side note, I absolutely love how the MV was monochrome-d. credits to akp.

Wow. U-Kiss’s ‘Cinderella’ is so intense! The auto-tune sounds good here. Oh and congrats to kiseop for having more lines! haha. credits to akp.

OMG THIS MV? IS PRICELESS. It’s so funny! Mocking Korean dramas, are we? I don’t mind! And I seriously love Yoon Do Hyun. (Haha. YDH’s hairstyle here reminds me of Dream High Principal/ director.) Seeing him rocking out, was such a joy to watch. And that electric guitar solo? Awesome sauce. UV is great as always and Jeon Hye Bin is freakin’ hot! Song and MV = JJANG! They have GOT to perform this! Credits to akp.

We have a CF (Bean Pole) song by Suzy. I didn’t have any intention of adding this song into the post but it was very sweet light fluff. A song that should pull that frown upside down:D Now why isn’t kim soo hyun taking part in this song?Well I guess his voice is more for ballads. But!! …Credits to akp.

This is another unknown in my k-pop-ing history.  The electronic bg instrumental makes the song interesting. The rap is so swag:D Credits to akp.

SBS’s ‘To the Beautiful You’ has more OSTs out. I enjoyed Dana’s song better. It’s vibrant and energetic! This OST actually sounds familiar. Like a track from 49 Days OST instrumentals. If anybody wants to give Taeyeon’s a listen, the link is right here ( I didn’t like Taeyeon’s because it actually sounds like her other OSTs. Eg is ‘If‘.)  Credits to akp for the 2 articles – Dana and Taeyeon’s , and Taeyeon’s with the mv. ( Kim Ji Won looks like Kim Tae Hee! I almost thought Kim Tae Hee was in the show. LOL)

Ballad queen Baek Ji Young has an OST for Arang & Magi!  Flawless as always by the soloist. Credits to akp.

The Koxx has remixed Yoo Jae Seok and Lee Juk’s Sagging Snail! Not a bad remix! They didn’t change the song a whole lot so it sounds just as nice as the original.

Can’t find utube links but great song!

4minute’s over and over ( r tee remix ver): sorry I could only find this version. But do give it a try!

Other small mentions/ ok but not much: 

News: BEG’s Jea introduces Lunafly to you! Here’s the article. New rock group?

Seo In Guk and APink’s Eunji has 2 duets out for Answer Me 1997: all for you, our love like this. Okay I retract my opinions. ‘All for you’ is a good song. I heard it by coincidence and was surprised that I put it in this section. The live one is definitely better:D Check it out here: all for u live

Joo won anybody? Singing for Bridal Mask: Love and Love

Standing Egg is a great indie group. Their new release: Old Song. But I prefer their previous: Keep Going.

Byul has an OST for Lee Sun Gyun’s medical drama ‘Golden Time’: before touching 2 cheeks

Any 2LSON fans? It’s not really the making of an MV actually. lol. ‘ The Lady ‘ The song’s freakin good, by the way. I posted this on a k-indie…post. But the full song plays as we see what the 2lson members are doing with bumkey and dok2. …About bumkey and dok2, I actually can’t identify who’s who..which is one of the reasons I said it wasn’t much of a ‘making of’.

Found a good HK song to share! Joey Yung anybody knows? On Call 36hrs (the drama)? Haha. Well, the video below is the full themesong (of the show), accompanied with romanised lyrics though without the translation.

Finally done! Thanks for reading (and listening) and hope you enjoyed! Sorry if the page takes long to load. 😛

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