Drama/Film News [5th Sept 2012]

10 Sep

Short-term memory’s blamed for the shortened title. I’m still blaming myself…haha.

New Films

The first film is..a..erm..a thriller with Daniel Choi and Lim Chang Jung, called The Traffickers. From Dramabeans’s post, it’s a show about the illegal going-ons in the organ-trafficking world. Daniel Choi will be the husband to a woman who went missing after a boat ride and Lim Chang Jung is the man/leader behind the crimes. I..I can’t post more. (Too too dark!!! I’m a 3-year-old when it comes to such shows. Forgive the wimp in me.) Or else I would be scared to even visit my blog. (I had the heart not to post any pictures.) You can visit DB’s for more insight on the film as well as more pictures and trailer for those interested. But if you were to ask me, I actually wished Daniel Choi to be in Im Chang Jung’s role. It would be more interesting…even if I’m not watching it. hahaha. (those words on their faces look a little like barcodes to me)

New Dramas ( going from 5th sept backwards)

Su Ae’s and Kwon Sang Woo’s new 24-ep drama ‘Queen of Ambition (Yawang)’ is set to air next Jan on SBS. Su Ae will be the ‘queen’ here, determined to become First Lady. (Sounds a little like daemul…) Without fail, the heroine’s tale is a rags-to-riches kind and Kwon Sang Woo will be the guy that does anything and everything for her. Same old same old..sighh.. But the story takes a drastic turn when Kwon’s character wants revenge against the (former) Queen of his heart. So she did something to crush that heart of yours? (OMG now I’m thinking of linking this story to film ‘the traffickers’….=.=) WTH do you expect?? She’s going to be First Lady with YOUR help! =.=…*yawns* Credits to db. Ha the picture below…100% in sync with what yawang is about.

2. Vampire Pros 2 is heating things up with its trailers. It starts this Sunday (Today?? ehehe:P). And though I haven’t seen VP2, I can already see how infuriating this trickster vampy is. Haha. If the show is as fun as these two trailers, I don’t know what to do. My friend said that VP1’s too violent for me. 😦 But on the bright side, she said the memory of watching it is fuzzy. 😀 sighh…I couldn’t watch Joseon X-files after 3 episodes.( I liked how dark it was! It spoke to the show’s mysterious genre and the UFO-related cases were fascinating. Too bad I couldn’t get over some of the spooks.) Don’t tell me I can’t watch VP!!!!!! More from db, since me no watch vp1.  

3. Ha Seok Jin has a 30-ep cable drama coming up – Childless Good Fortune. I’m not sure if Show’s trying to be sarcastic with the title because the series is about a grandfather(Lee Soon Jae) who wants his family line carried on and on and on. Ha Seok Jin plays dental surgeon grandson. I’m liking his character description – one who gives a good impression but actually isn’t all that. (This is very vague. I’m trying to give something different from db..) This sounds very banal stuff which was why I wasn’t expecting such a storyline to take up only 30 episodes of time. I’m still thinking if I should try this out since I love eom ji won and sexy Ha Seok Jin.( Seo Joon Young actually looks a little like him…) Credits to db.

4. Next up is Oohlala(~) spouses. The title of this show makes me laugh because it sounds like it’s verging on zee kinky. What’s even better is if the series is going the homo-but-not-homo road, suggested by the picture above and shin hyun joon’s tweet. It’s funny to see male leads from shows like hana-kimi/skks trying to convince themselves they are straight. But straight males knowing they aren’t gay but going for ‘one’? On the other hand, it seems as if the writer is using the definition of gays(feminine guys) because we have a guy, who has a lady’s soul. I’m sure to enjoy Shin Hyun Joon in this role because he can do funny real good. Entertainment Weekly’s been providing me with healthy doses of him and some hilarious bts of him in his pretending-to-be-dumb gakitsal #1 role. Still deciding whether to watch this. So I’m looking forward to more of the drama’s news. I heard Narsha’s going to join this show. Read more at DB and here too.

5. Nice Guy starts this Wednesday (12th sept. hmm how did we come to the 10th day of the month so quickly?) And Park Shi Yeon is giving me her slingshot/a man’s story character vibes in this show. I mean isn’t it the same thing – Money?Song Joong Ki is a medical-student-turned-duck. (Haha well, the Chinese call gigolo, ducks.) He gets revenge on ex-girlfriend PSY by making use of Moon Chae Won’s amnesiac damsel and PSY’s step-daughter-to-be. I do want to see SJK in such roles but revenge…is getting stale for me. I shall see. More on the show and its pictures can be found here on db and akp

WAIT! I have some eye candies to share.

1. Lee Ki Woo is hot. I get it. And of course, the black does give some unfriendly/cool city man implications that the photographer was going for. It feels like he’s shooting some drama where he’s someone who has something dark to hide. lol..But that doesn’t mean we can appreciate him in the dark! Heh:P credits to db

2. Kim Nam Gil’s back from the army….with long hair?? Well, It’s not that I dislike him with long hair. I just prefer him with the short cut better. But he IS looking good in this shots:D More pics?

3. Han Hyo Joo isn’t someone I would use ‘pretty’ to describe. It’s the way the pictures were taken that got my attention – they look like han hyo joo’s coming out of the painting and they blurred everything other than her face and hair to give the effect. Credits to db.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.

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