K-Pop News So Far [10th Sept 2012] part 1

11 Sep

I’ve got one thing to get off my chest: OMG AKP STOP THOSE ADS!!!! ahh~ I’m happy now..

To Soo Bin and Migraziele, thanks! It’s not been long since I started this blog and I sincerely thank you for respectively commenting and following. I will keep working hard on chasing zee dramas this blog so as not to let you guys down! Aja Aja~

Can you give me some funnies of the Day?

Nope. I can only give you 1 funny. Heh. I don’t think I really have much to say about this funny because the video actually speaks for itself. Credits to akp Omg the male host is still on music station!

Eye Candies


I have never been much of a coke fan because of the gas (it hurts. :P) and its sugar level (I TRY to be healthy).  But in this advert, 2PM consumes the drink and its making them burst with adorable amounts of energy. It’s such a fun CF! On the other hand, I do think the girls are an unnecessary addition. And no, the commercial did not convert me. Credits to akp.


1. I had posted some pictures of Uee in the previous k-pop so far and liked what I was seeing. The first picture( left)  is the continuation from the last release. I do like the mini-dress on her. It’s flirty and light-hearted. The army-inspired jacket however, just doesn’t really go well with the whole look. Butterflies and army sounds brutal. >.<

The second picture(right) is cute but then I ask: how is this picture supposed to fit in with the others? Yes it’s a marine-y outfit. But to me, it’s a weird-looking link. Credits to akp. Yeap only 2 pics…. It’s like teaser: magazine edition. =…=

2.  Infinite’s Hoya scores a fashion shoot and an interview with High Cut! I’m not sure if I can say I like his solo shot. Haha. Overall, he looks good. But when it’s only his top half, it’s such an incomplete feeling. ( Since I’m on the topic of Hoya, I would like to say that he’s a talented idol. His dancing is top-notch, his rap is good and that husky voice of his(!!!) is a joy to listen to. I’m not surprised Woollim chased him so hard. And come on, what would I be without my yadong? :P)

Aww CUTE! But no link…Why isn’t this with Answer me 1997 Seo In Guk and co? Go Kyung Pyo (tongue twister!) looks like L here. omg. Credits to akp.(L to R: Hoya, Do Ji Han, Seo Jun Young, Go Kyung Pyo)

In related news, Sungyeol’s brother daeyeol has become a back-dancer for Tasty( they sure are) 😀 


1. Everything has its pros and cons and popularity is one of them. Fans(especially Koreans) of popular SBS variety show Running Man, be careful. There are fakes around. I’m glad that Haha and Gwangsu are alert enough to warn the fans about the imposters. But what’s funny about the warnings is that it came from the Icon of Betrayal. The giraffe himself commented that the world is a scary place. Ha! Such an ironic statement for his character, it made me laugh. On the down side, curses. Now I have to think up another way to smuggle Gary. Hmph!

2. It’s nice to see different couples doing on their own thang even if that means crossing some boundaries. I mean WGM is supposed to be a variety and I wouldn’t want to watch a show, in which every couple is doing the same thing. This couple has an older age so it’s actually a nice change in terms of what they can do. Somehow being older gives a person more privileges. I’m sure things would become a scandal if it was an idol-couple.

The first picture is reminiscent of Julien’s 12 Men in a Year gym trainer character. And now…so many wrong things are passing this writer’s mind. Make it stop! >.< Credits to akp.

Couple News

Also in the limelight for drama AM 1997 are its leads Eunji and Seo In Guk. I haven’t watched an episode of AM ’97 but I must say, the two are quite cute together. It’s not just the look. It’s also the way they talk to each other that has me supporting them already. Her honest rejection (‘Please control yourself.’ LOL) just made the situation even funnier. I do think that Seo In Guk has feelings for her. People do extremes (make you extremely happy or angry) to attract attention. Really, what guy would put his hand over a girl friend’s shoulder or have her smelling his feet for nothing? For the MC who made the comment about a man giving his feet is like giving his all? Genius! Haha I was laughing at that comment so hard. So ridiculous..LOL. 

In related news, Jong Hyun of CN Blue was also there and he cried…because of a staring game.


Aww looking at Gae to the Ko’s happy family pictures put a smile on my face. The photos below are to commemorate and celebrate the Dynamic Duo member’s son’s first birthday! Saengilchukahamnida:D

That last picture( bottom right), is pure gem. It’s SO hard to make a baby smile and then capture that moment when everything else is also perfect. Credits to akp.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed! Part 2 (songs) will be up next.


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