K-Pop News So Far [10th Sept 2012] part 2 [updated]

12 Sep

K-Pop doesn’t allow a week without any release. Commence Youtube videos/links!

Debuts: I’m actually quite scared of this word now. I’m not liking how many are debuting each/this year. I understand that the K-Pop industry is extremely competitive. Everybody is scared to lose out. But if the quality is not good or stays stagnant, there’s just no point in pushing the debut date up. I see a recent surge in talented groups so far. But even those with talents can get ignored/pushed aside easily because there are just, too many groups and too many (similar type of) songs. Oh and too many visuals. =.=

We have 2 new groups and a soloist entering the (over-populated) stage: 24k( two four k), Lunafly and Baek Ah Yeon.

24K’s debut song was a good listen. You can tell that the group has great vocals they can rely on. (Shouldn’t that be the first and foremost concern for all groups actually?)  The MV didn’t really help in differentiating who’s who. And it’s funny how ‘hurry up’ sounded nothing like their teaser.

This hip-hop-y track stood out more than ‘hurry up’ in my opinion. Btw, is that Cory singing in this teaser? Daaaamn. Credits to akp. [update] Turns out that this is their intro track!

Lunafly is a three-man rookie group and they have released 2 english songs for their first album ‘superhero’. I think the song was ok only but I have already fallen for their smooth vocals. Check out their two songs here: Superhero and You got that something I need.

Baek Ah Yeon is JYP’s newest offering and a finalist from K-Pop Star. Her title track ‘Sad Song’ is beautiful and intense. It’s been on repeat ever since I heard it. The MV is admittedly dramatic, with parts resembling Phantom’s Hole in your Face. But it flows with the beats of the song. The male actor is model Ah Jae Hyun.

Another song of Baek’s that I enjoyed was Love, Love, Love. It’s the kind of light and sweet song I needed after her ballads-filled album.

Her other songs like ‘Always (ft 2pm junsu)’ and ‘You’re leaving’ are not bad. ‘Stay’ didn’t go well with me.

I hope Baek doesn’t stay in this ballad-y kind of territory. It’s what I hoped that Huh Gak won’t do. I agree that such soulful songs are a good way to show off a singer’s voice. But ballads do sound boring after a while. Baek has a nice voice so she should be able to cope with a mix of genres. To side-track for just a little: Baek’s debut actually makes me pissed with JYPE. Why isn’t Joo making a comeback?!


Time to go crazy with Crispi Crunchy’s title track: Mengboong time( Mental breakdown)! The MV isn’t really…normal either.  The song is hella catchy and crazy. The MV is well..quite difficult to watch for me. I think guys will enjoy this better. LOL. Wait, is that cheezy wearing a skirt?!

ABLE undergoes member changes and returns as a quartet. Their comeback song ‘Mystery’ is good:D Their harmonisation and falsetto!! How did they know I had a soft spot for such techniques?! The MV is nothing much so let’s just enjoy the song!

Rude Paper’s newest release ‘hand’ is an awesome listen. Its got this dark and gritty thing going on and I’m guessing it’s a song with a whole lot of meaning. * searching for translation* The MV is very different from the usual k-pop fare and coincides with the song’s vibe. The song has a bit of dubstep mixed into the reggae genre, making the  mash-up unique altogether. The teasers, the making of the mv rather, can be seen here and here. Credits to akp. You can also check out the group’s album with the track list as a guide:D Credits to akp.

Dumbfoundead has a new song out, ‘growing young’. It’s a dope song with the rhythmic rapping and beats.  The MV is proof of dedication. How many are willing to spend time drawing all these pictures to make the MV ‘move’?

APink tingles our spines with their ‘cat’ MV. I didn’t really get to listen to the song because the MV was so distracting. It’s freaking creepy despite it not being scary on the visual front. The ‘saljjak kung’ is hair-raising stuff. I didn’t know such things could be this scary when on repeat. (You know, cause I don’t dare watch any horrors. I even avoided 2pm and suzy’s commercial. LOL) Sigh..But I got tricked when I saw ‘kittens’ and dived into it. =.= Then I heard the thriller instrumental and ran for the article’s comments for help. Good thing the second attempt was watched when the sun was still up. Heh:P Credits to akp.

FT Island returns too, with ‘I wish’.  I liked the latin-inspired start. So playful and interesting 😀 If the song was given to a dance group, it would be so cute seeing them dance to the guitar bits. The song’s not bad. Very commonplace MV though. Their album would include tracks like ‘Life’ and ‘Paper Plane’. Check out akp to know more:D


Dangerous by MC Sniper eh? Does that mean our resident Vamp Pros will be in one? The song below is an OST for VP2. I love it! The rapping together with the instrumentals add to the tension of the approaching chorus, sung by the right vocalist. One song that definitely can’t be missed out no matter what.


Hwayoung has been practising on her rapping and it is worth a listen:D  Fierce! AKP: ‘The track is composed by Lishbeats and the lyrics were written by Hwayoung herself.’

I thought Kim Hyung Jun’s two new songs were ok. The 2 MVs (long movie-like kind) were also on the ok side for me. If you want to watch any of the MVs, you will have to watch both to see a more complete story. Here are the two links: Because I’m a bad guy( to be watched first. )

Comments on Bec I’m a bad guy: I didn’t like how Kang Ji Hwan was pulling the actress around like a rag doll! ;( There is such a thing as a tap on the shoulders or calling her name. And I didn’t understand why he couldn’t carry her in that last part. Isn’t she sick? O.O + =.= Is every girl whom Kang Ji Hwan acts with going to be like that? It was the same with YEH in LTM and I don’t like such male-dominating actions.

and Just Let it go( I preferred this.Even the MV was better.)

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed! There won’t be any drama/film news for this round of updates.

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