K-Pop News So Far [16th Sept 2012] part 1

18 Sep

Sorry for the late update. I wasn’t feeling well on Friday and couldn’t get myself back together till today. Hope you guys didn’t wait too long! Oh and this week might have 2 reviews. Because I’m feeling rebellious, one of the reviews would be a 2012 drama review. But that’s still unconfirmed 😛

Let’s start off with some funnies! 

1. B.A.P. brought Madam Jeong’s dog to Music Bank! Brownie’s so cute <3. Non-Gag-Concert fans/viewers, it’s just a soft toy that has become a star in the skit called ‘Madam Jeong’!  Daehyun imitates Madam Jeong really well! The song’s perfect for the soft toy 🙂 Himchan, you like brownie A LOT right?

2. Seo In Guk’s twitter has been hacked and I’m not so cruel and lame/have nothing else better to do to put this in this section. It’s how he replied: ‘ heol(wat the..) my profile…excuse me, but who are you?’ ‘My profile picture now is this dude and I can’t change it. Who are you and why are you doing this to me?’ and the picture of ‘him’ that cracks me up. [ I can only read a little Korean because my vocab is limited.]

3. Shin Bora of Gag Concert’s ‘Brave Brothers’ skit challenges Kim Soo Hyun…to come to her other skit ‘Discoveries of Life’ as her next ‘boyfriend’ to apologise to Kim Jun Hyun, who’s also in the skit. Why? Because he schemed to sit next to chubby Kim Jun Hyun in an awards show just to show that he has a small face.  And you know how big of a deal in Korea makes out of this beauty aspect right? I just love how she’s so bold to ask someone like KSH to her skit the way she did. He HAS TO SAY HIS SORRIES…sealed in a kiss of course!

We need some chocolates in our eye candies, dammit! 😛

1.Erm…Can toddler pictures count? hehe. Well, Kim Tae He and Lee Wan’s past pictures were recently revealed and they sure are cute! Can you guess who’s who? Actually I got confused myself , thinking that Lee wan was on the left and that Taehee was on the right because the left looked more boyish. But then I knew Kim Tae Hee was a noona and the one on the left looked more like taehee:) Both of them were so cute!

2.GD has his teaser pictures out! And…they are a little out of control. lol. There’s no obvious concept the pictures are supposed to follow.Credits to akp

Celebrity Related.

Music Scene

1.Hmm..maybe this should be considered eye-candy instead: Btob’s making-of-wow-mv.  This is part 1. but vid shows that it’s part 2. Basically all 7 of them play a game of ‘gonggi’ where you throw up stones and catch them while holding some. There are many stages to it and they are playing it to get the ‘royal treatment’ for the day. Eun Kwang wins and I must say, he is looking much better with this hairstyle ;D As for minhyuk, his hair should stay down or rather, not so straight up..haha. The song sounds great with the guitar. It sounds like Mblaq’s debut song ‘oh yeah’ but once you get pass that, it sounds totally different. The mv will be up soon, so don’t worry! credits to akp.

2. Crispi Crunchy gets support for their dinosaur dance. That’s so great because I love them! haha.  I like how they all dance together at the end:D Credits to akp~

3. We will be seeing 3-4 debuts soon from wonderboyz, 100% and the cheers(coed duo). Credits to akp for wb( it’s supposed to be wg male ver..): here and here.

The Cheers(Robin and myungmi) are a duo who has been acknowledged by their then music professor at the  university. Credits to akp. YG’s SuPearls will also be making their debut (mentioned in the link to the article below).

We will also be seeing comebacks from SM artistes Exo(after GG), TVXQ(Sept), girls gen(Oct), from YG are GD(15th Sept) and 2ne1(Oct), from R.ef( after 8 years on the 25th of Sept) before 2012 ends.

Army news

One half of Might Mouth, Sang Chu had previously postponed his enlistment date due to a shoulder injury. But now he’s all good and ready for army and will enlist this Oct. I doubt he will have any problems in there since he’s known for having a body fit for an athlete (Dream Team 2).


1. Remember the scandal involving Epik High’s Tablo and his Stanford University Degree legitimacy? And those stupid inquisitive Tajinyo members? Yeah, they apologised. But how is apologising when you are receiving trial considered sincere? It’s like telling the whole world that you are sorry because you want a lighter sentence. A simple apology isn’t enough for ruining Tablo’s life. None even asked if they could help him in any way. (Of course, he won’t want any at that point of time. But at least you tried and made the first step.) There’s no meaning in just apologising because actions definitely speak louder than words. Tablo can sue them for all I care. LOL. I really don’t know why K-netizens are so extreme. It’s as if their lives depended on a scandal. =.=

2. In happier news, T/Tasha/Yoon Mirae with husband Tiger JK and Lumpens has come up to fight school violence with a project called ‘The Wanderers’ and hopes that there will be people who help no matter who, when and where. Tiger JK has taken to his twitter page to ask for opinions from a student’s perspective. Hope the project is a success and hope there are more heroes on this Earth:) AKP has a link to the t-shirt site. So any who wants to buy or support can click on this link here🙂

Part 2 will be music. But there has been a whole lot of releases so I’m thinking of carrying it onto part 3.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!


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