K-Pop New So Far [16th Sept 2012] part 2

21 Sep

Sorry for the late post! It has been a hectic week for me. Hope I can churn out the other intended post asap.

Gosh I’m addicted to Vampire Pros 2’s ‘Danger‘ OST!

Not-quite Debut

Take Hyun is the only person in this section but that’s good enough, seriously. I’m not sure if anybody knows him  but his 2 releases (one of them is his official debut song, ‘Stand By Me’) are not bad! Check them out below!

‘Stand By Me’ is an amazing song. I was actually surprised that a rookie would take up a rock genre for his debut. But he didn’t let me down. Those vocals of his are outstanding and if he plans to rock it out a little longer, then that’s great news! When an MV tries to tell me a story, I’m lost. lol..My brain is terrible at analysing. I’m not sure if it’s because I get distracted very easily or that I’m just not that deep. However it’s obvious what the video was getting at: a painful break up that a guy doesn’t want. He’s so badly hurt that he trashes everything. Even that poor guitar.

They were playing around with glass and having it tell of the pair’s fractured relationship. Was it saying how brittle their relationship was? Then what about those frames? Was it empty because of the break-up? The piecing of the broken glass and his reflection. Was it to show how messed up he was? I couldn’t get anything worth considering from the lyrics either.

 ‘Going to You’ is a song that one might not like in an instant or liked by some because it’s a song that isn’t exciting or intense but more of a song that suits a lonely ride/journey.. It’s very friendly and it doesn’t go overboard with its welcome. My interpretation of the MV is about a girl who has a crush on somebody (you) and is shy about ‘going to you’. Kim Yoo Jung is a joy to watch as always and the MV is slow but beautiful. It sounds and looks a little like Younha’s ‘run’. Just one problem, why does a 13 year-old have eye bags?!?


Up for an onslaught of comebacks? I sure aren’t. LOL. Therefore I’ll only go in-depth with the songs I like better.

G-Dragon’s track introduction for ‘missing you‘,’light it up‘ and ‘Crayon’/Crazy On has a short preview of the songs that should entice you somewhat. All of the videos have English subs:) There’s a preview of the songs here if you haven’t heard anything yet. It’s in this akp link. All songs are definitely worth the listen!

I am liking what I’m hearing so far and can’t wait for the full release! The videos are below for viewing!  Jaurim’s Kim Yu na has an airy voice like 2month’s Kim Ye Rim. The song sounds right for her. Good choice GD! This hip-hop song is going to be epic I tell you. Tablo and Dok2(Dok-yi)?! So much swag and edge = Dope material.  This electronic/ club-type song is going to be so much fun!

BtoB’s comeback has a unique teaser that I wished had parts added into the MV. This is a teaser that actually interests me on first look. It’s like telling me something out of the box will be attempted in the MV. But then I got disappointed. Hmph!  I like this song! The dance too! Both are so playful and very easy on the ears. (That guitar did wonders!) The starting (after that intense part which to me, was so funny.) reminds me of Mblaq’s ‘Oh Yeah’ but after that it’s totally different. The MV was about a playgirl and b2b members getting seduced. I’m not sure if the MV banners are doing their job…Something tells me beast headed the experiment starting with ‘beautiful night’ and then b2b followed suit with ‘wow’.

The other songs in this mini album are also not bad but the links are low in quality. ‘Press Play‘ is a song that goes well after or before ‘Wow’. ‘I don’t know about anything about love‘(copyright issue so utube link is a goner) is an ok song but not very much. ‘My Girl‘ is then the mini album’s relatively slower song and sounds like what a western boy group would sing to. (I had my fair share of N’Sync, Westlife and the likes.) ‘My Girl‘ is also quite generic. ‘ U&I‘ is another relatively slower song and may be a little bit better than ‘My Girl‘. Everyone sounds great in ‘U&I‘ 😀 ‘Stand Up‘ is very catchy and a happy song to end the album:D As always, I don’t understand why akp can’t just post everything. =.=

AKP did the same for Orange Caramel. (sighh~) Their first album can be listened here: yes all of them. I like their title track Lipstick( cute mv and cute song), bangkok city, Superwoman( I really like this), Close your eyes (on the generic side), One Love, Not Yet, Bubble Bath, Clara’s dream (suits the title of the song 😀 very dreamy!), Can we postpone love and milkshake(it’s ok). Orange Caramel does well with both catchy songs and ballads. Their fast songs aren’t the very ‘loud’ kind but they sound just as good. I didn’t comment specifically for some as I have heard them before in their other mini albums. 

Kim Wan Seon is back with 2 songs: Today and Can Only Feel haha I’m really in the mood for such songs. The mv backs up the song’s moodiness and nostalgia with its melancholic atmosphere – the soft blue, the monochrome. Strangely, this miserable post break-up video is actually a beautiful watch. I couldn’t find a perfect MV(video and song) for Can Only Feel. I found this while listening to Clazzi and the song’s great! Kim Wan Seon’s vocals go well with the electronic bgm.

My affections for Rude Paper knows no bounds. Rainy Night‘ sounds and looks amazing. The main vocalist has a very reggae, throaty voice that gives the song a perfect intriguing mix of depressing and laid-back. Complicated and yet understandable. 

Secret is back with their Poison mini album. Poison is a better title track out of their previous ones. it’s gotten less flashy and cutesy although also sexy in a bad way. Their debut song ‘I Want You Back’ was my favourite out of all their songs. After that, I never enjoyed their title tracks and subsequently stopped listening to them altogether. I still wish for the day they go back to their debut song days. Flashy does not suit secret well in my opinion. As for this comeback, 1,2,3, Calling U, and Falling in love( wish they do this kind of songs..) are good songs. Telepathy sounds like a gentler version of Infinite’s Only Tears.

BOB4’s youaholic mini album is not that good in my opinion. Youaholic has a quirky nature and sounds like a CN Blue song. I like Only Look At Me and Words. Mystery Girl is good but they have released it some time ago so I’m not saying much. Note that the playlist doesn’t cover all songs but cover 1 more than in the akp link.

Teasers and/or ‘OK but not very much’

Mighty Mouth ft Lyn teaserAt Times Like This The song sounds great. (LYN!!) But..please don’t hurt Shorry!! Have mercy on my elementary idol! 😛

Spica has already released the mv and song…ehehe..Okay so here’s their teaser: I’ll be there I have faith in Spica. But I hope they won’t go the ‘flashy’ road.

Huh Gak has a new song out and here’s the link: It hurts The MV has me scratching my head for a little. The song’s only on the ok side for me. I mean he has a very nice voice. But..ballads time and again…I really do need more than ballads. It was just like an American Idol finalist. She sang ballads every week and sounds great. But then when you think of the bigger picture, a stand alone singer/ soloist needs more than that.

to be continued…

thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed:D Part 3 will be more comebacks, osts and additional stuff.

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