K-Pop News So Far [16th Sept 2012] part 3

22 Sep

The Comebacks continue…

H Eugene has a new mini-album ‘man on fire‘. All 3 songs aren’t that bad. I admit that the MV for Party Animal have many redundant things but I like H Eugene’s rapping. haha. ‘We Rock‘ features many stars like Eric and San E. The chorus is addicting! ‘Still‘ is good song. I can’t resist violin and rap. LOL. This is supposed to be a song dedicated to MC Mong.

Gavy NJ became one of my favourite ballad groups after listening to ‘In a pallid state‘. I agree that the group are talented singers. But their songs are becoming generic to me. This song isn’t bad..just that it’s a very common kind of ballad to me.

BES’s Sung Hoon has a new song for us, featuring kim Jin Pyo.  The piano makes this song very sweet and dainty. ‘Amuri’ is a nice ballad, so do give it a try.

We have OSTs..

From etude house-esque sugary drama Ms Panda and Mr. Hedgehog! I may not be a suju fan but Suju undoubtedly has fine singers in K.R.Y. This OST is very sweet and light and that’s what I like about it.

From TvN’s Third Hospital. I’m not sure if this is a debut song from but this ballad definitely showcased her abilities. has been a vocal trainer for 6 years. This caught me by surprise and yet when I think about this, I get worked up by the fact that some idols trained less than her but debuted earlier. Life’s unfair seriously. Anyhow, I’m going to be very blunt: Soo Young still has rooms for improvement. Her scenes were quite cringe-worthy. And pairing her with Oh Ji Ho is weird. I said I was feeling rebellious..

From ghost-meets-human period drama Arang and Magi. MC Sniper does it again with Mask Dance. I’m placing my bet that this is a bgm for a chase scene. The instrumental alone is exhilarating. Whoa. This song is intense right from the beginning. I like the electric guitar with the traditional instrumentals. So epic!

From liver-needing gumiho fantasy drama ‘The Thousandth Man‘. Aww such a lovely and sweet track!..that I wonder how such a song can be possible for this show.haha.  I’m glad this duo is back. How can they not?!  I found this by coincidence and thought I should share it. The song and MV is beautiful:D Some singers have the ability to complicate emotions and make something sad sound like it’s nothing. For As One, they make something sad seem bittersweet. Correct me if I’m wrong. The MV is very light, both figuratively and literally.


Answer Me 1997’s OST will be having its director’s cut version. Such a cool idea. But…isn’t the ost chosen by the director? I think I’m confused..haha. Read more here.

I felt that this akp op-ed was a good read. It’s on GLAM’s Party XXO and how their debut song, which is actually talking about homosexuality, is a good thing rather than a bad thing in Korea’s conservative society.

Want to get to know 24K? Here’s their profile shoot

covers/different song versions

WG performs acoustic covers for Like Money and Wake Up. I preferred the latter to the former as Like money sounded less prepared and uneven. You can listen to Like Money on the akp link I’ve provided.  Wake Up’s a WG song??

ABK Youtube Celebrity Arden Cho’s cover of Beast’s Beautiful Night is much slower but still has that groove present. 

Miss A has an inspirational campaign song for all of you! Be positive! Because being negative is a waste of time and doesn’t help! very catchy! I’ve never noticed the Chinese members much (I’m neutral to them.) but I’m liking what I’m listening and seeing of Fei’s vocals:D

JYP’s Joo Ver 2.0 Baek Ah Yeon updates us with a making-of MV video and a classical version of her debut song Sad Song Ah Yeon is very cute and petite!…why hello there, handsome. 😛 This version’s very clean and ah yeon sounds just as good in this. It’s less explosive and is more bittersweet than the official. I would definitely wish for this version to make it to live stage!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed! Hope I can put up the review(s) shortly. Drama News would be a combined post with the next update.

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