K-Pop News So Far [23rd Sept 2012] part 1

26 Sep

Looks like infiltrating into RM to kidnap Gary is not going to work any more. The more pressing problem at hand: It’s going to be even harder smuggling Gary. Haha. I’m just kidding. As a Gelly-sshi fan, I am shocked. I still am. I can’t imagine what would happen to RM and my future watching experience. To tell the truth, Monday Couple was one of the reasons I watched the show. I love everyone but Monday Couple took a special place in my heart. I literally re-watched the front parts to see how far they have come. I squealed at their skin-ship and chuckled over their interactions. As for Gil, I don’t watch Infinity Challenge. But it’s the same. There’s a saying that ‘no one is indispensable’. But as time passed, that person becomes irreplaceable.

…and so let KNSF part 1 chubaaa~l 

LOL of the day

Through an idol, I got to know an I-gadget App (SimSimi) that replies to your comments. Now this is interesting. It’s something you need when you want to seem busy lol. So what did SHINee’s Jonghyun talked about with SimSimi?

AKP translation: The singer: “Hey SimSimi, today’s ‘Confession Day’. I’ll be bluntLet’s start dating, today’s day 1…“. SimSimi responded, “Yes, today’s day 1, honey“, to which Jonghyun said, “That’s cheesy, let’s break up“. SimSimi: ‘what the..’

So absurd, it’s funny.

Eye Candy: The Fall Fashion War

1. Sohee is in another fashion shoot. This time in Tommy Hilfiger for Vogue Girl. 

Out of the 5 pictures on the AKP post, I only liked these two. ( The picture with her in jeans: I like her top and hat. But the bottom doesn’t seem like a good fit. It might be better to match the jeans with her top in the picture with the male model.)The outfits are suitable for Sohee’s age, thankfully. I also think the clothes make her younger. This is something Suzy should be modelling in as well and she’s younger? (What are those beige things coming out of her bottoms? Those are definitely not legs.)

2. Same-age Nation siblings Yoo Seung Ho and IU join hands for G Guess’s ‘casual apparel line‘. Both look adorable. I want moooooar!  & customers who spend over 150,000 KRW (about 135 USD) by providing complimentary ‘Lollipop’ socks.

3. 4Minute’s Gayoon is a cool skater girl for Ceci’s Oct Mag!

I preferred these two pictures out of the 5 (or 6) which has Gayoon in action more rather than just a bystander. I love the light, sporty concept and I think Gayoon pulled it off well!

4. Beast/B2st and APink recently collaborated for a uniform CF! Here’s the making-of-CF vid below:D If anybody found the subbed video, tell me!  There’s a sad news though…Hyunseung, my condolences to you.

5. Ceci’s October edition adds ZE:A to their fashion-allocated pages. One problem though: Dongjun, your hair should have been gelled up in the solo shot! Like the group pic below!

This group picture is perfect! Those eyes, though, looking at me so intensely…. *Blush* Ahem. Minwoo, whom I have never really noticed before, definitely caught my attention here. In the group pic, he looks like he just attended prom, though partner-less. In the solo shot, he’s more casual and comfortable-looking. Siwan looks like he’s having a sweet time with an adorable cat I would love to take home. Dongjun definitely looks better with his hair up. I prefer him in the group shot above than the other one and his solo.

6. How can say Sooyoung looks good when she’s obviously too skinny for her height?! However, I have to admit that Sooyoung has a nice height for modelling. There’s no doubt she looks awesome…despite seeming a little bit on the anorexic edge. Besides that, I think dull colours suit her and for some reason, I prefer her in long sleeves and pants to the extremely short look that is supposedly necessary for the stage. I adore the slightly ruffled hairdo. It’s like it has a class of its own that goes so well with what she’s posing in. The best thing, is that it looks comfy and stylish at the same time. It’s also for those who don’t like exposing too much skin 😀

7. Label-mate senior TVXQ are also rocking out their inner bad boy in Vogue. It almost felt as if I would see drawing of skulls and alcohol. Haha.

Black and lanky dudes = sexy. Nuff said. 😛 Max/ Changmin has definitely grown up. But please keep your Mohawk-esque hairstyle to a minimum level:D

8. As for JoongKi’s Harper’s Bazaar, I didn’t quite like it. I mean, what’s with the face covering and angled positions?! Hmph! If you want to see the pictures, go to this akp link here.

9. Have you noticed I was putting some sort of order in this eye candy section? Innocence for naught! Now, it’s time for the wild stuff. hehehe:P On this number, we have Park Han Byul, modelling for fashion mag Nylon and G Guess (shoes).

I have nothing but ‘WOW’ for this. With the exception of the boots.

10. Last but not least, is comedian Jung Juri. With Kim Soo Hyun in a CF. if you think about it, Suzy’s NOT the only lucky girl. Ha! I love this woman. She’s got so many intimate chances with the male idols (Lee Joon for example) and is actually quite the package( funny, has a nice body, pretty). For those surprised netizens, I have nothing to say. I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But like we know it, Korea’s idea of beauty goes beyond normal. She may be making funny faces on national TV, but that doesn’t mean the person’s ugly. I hope I can see her on more varieties and dramas. (Yes! She has acted in some dramas.)

I thought the post was quite long. So part 2 will be the meatier(?) news. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!

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