K-Pop News So Far [23rd Sept 2012] part 4

30 Sep

Continued from part 3….


1. Golden Time has Zico and Pia’s Yohan contributing a song to the drama’s OST! Wheee! Zico<3 There are two versions – acoustic and…normal. lol.  The song gradually grows on you! The OST feels like it’s muted to give that desperate need for one’s lover. Yohan’s singing actually amplifies the frustrated feeling. The official MV(the normal one…sounds weird..hahaha) is a click away. I didn’t want to put it up since it might be a spoiler for those who haven’t watched the show yet. 

2. I have to admit that ever since TVXQ broke up, I had a bad impression of SM. I may like their songs, but I don’t like their groups. I much prefer groups from JYP and YG, if we are on the big 3. They seem more real and down to earth. However, SM’s latest female solo offer, J-Min, is a gem. She is rocking my socks at this moment.   J-Min sounds fantastic in the rock genre! Her vocals are strong enough and is an absolute match with the electric guitar. I would like SM a little more if they made her a rock soloist. Damn, that would be awesome. On another note, this song sounds weird in the context of SM-fied Hana-Kimi.. (talking about the show…Why do they NEED to cool-ify minho’s car jump? It’s dangerous for goodness sake=.= and so gimmicky. Bleagh:P)


1. Baek Ah Yeon releases a classical version for AlwaysI remember not liking Always that much. I mean her album was like spammed with slow songs which is why I think ballads are best heard separately. There’s no doubt that ballads have their own appeal. But when you hear too many times of such songs especially, you get bored with the singer’s voice. For instance, Shin Yong Jae of 4Men (now physically 3). He has an excellent voice. But I got bored after a while of listening to him. It’s scary. I think Im Jeong Hee is a diverse soloist seonbae that Ah Yeon should consider following:)

2. Rookie 6-member group 24K’s daeil and byungho has a dance practice video for you!  haha they look like a duo dancing for an audition. These two must be the 2k out of the 24k. The dance is quite cute:D By the end, they are bromanc-ing the heck out of it! Aww:P

Wait up! This time, it’s a dance clip of their title track:) oh i love such dance practices because we can see the full dance instead of the stupid camera going elsewhere(=.=)

3. Btob releases their WOW MV bts and EunKwang is too funny!

4. Taeyang covers Chris Brown’s Don’t Judge Me. It’s not bad but I won’t put it up. Here’s the link!

5. Psy is going global and there are no lack of covers. This one was awesome because it literally implied that everyone was into this song.  That’s freaking cute! They even created new moves for the song:D Credits to akp!

6. JJ project’s bond makes my day:) Should I have put this in the bromance section?  Happy Belated Birthday Jr!

7. Cat (was that why Leo’s called leo?) and pretty boys? I’m ON!  The video was freaking cute! Hongbin and what’s with the bgm when Ravi’s turning him??? o.O Credits to akp~~ THANKS AKP!

8. Beast has a bodyart teaser for the fans! (Am I disturbing the serenity? and those words…they sound so wrong! way to stir the fangirls’ imagination=.=) .

9. Anybody yearning for another of Mblaq Seungho’s piano skills? Check out G.O’s Immortal Song performance here. FYI, Joon dances with a Two-X member:)

10. Looks like Block B’s comeback would have a fun song:) Here’s the link for the preview and a look at the rappers of Block B:) Credits to akp.

Up for more songs? I Discovered some songs that I enjoyed:)

This is a song by Hwang Do Hye. Linky.

This one here is by Bebe Mignon’s Ben. Very clear, beautiful voice. Linky.

I didn’t like Juniel’s Fool which may be why I gave Illa Illa a pass when it was released. By chance I heard Illa Illa on a music programme and liked it. For those who haven’t heard the song, please give it a try:) Linky.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the post:)

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