Drama/Film News [30th Sept 2012]

01 Oct

Omg..I didn’t know I missed out on so much drama news. I really thought I just missed last week’s update. I’m really sorry!

New Films

1. Yoon Kye Sang has a new like-a-drama comedy film called Acting Lessons. The plot’s really strange. Yoon Kye Sang’s character has never made it out of extra-sphere as an actor. His father’s debt becomes a problem for the family when dad goes into a coma. With the liability(both the debt and lesser income) in mind, he takes on a job where he pretends to be a wealthy family’s long-lost disabled son. I’m curious as to how the writer/director would fit such a storyline into a few hours. But…how is this about acting? Well, I guess acting requires you to act your heart out. I…I’m clearly confused..

2. I thought I posted this before but since I don’t have any records of it… We have a hor-medy( horror + comedy) film (it’s new to me…lol) Fortune Tellers trying to bust a gut and freak us out at the same time. =.= I was on the edge of my seat for the first half of the teaser. lol. But it was thankfully nothing much. In any case, please just say it’s more comedy than horror!Fortune Tellers is quite unlike the title. It has to do with ghost busting rather than advising a person on what to do and what not to do. It’s more about 6 mediums, each possessing different skill sets, coming get scared off by the supernatural being. The 6: One thinks it’s all about using technology…and his pretty features(Lee Je Hoon), another is a reporter who discovers that she isn’t all that normal herself (Kang Ye Won), the third is the country’s famous and successful old-school-of-thought medium (Kim Suro), Woori/Kim Yun Hye is one of the 3 who has actual supernatural abilities (psychometry skills – able to  touch the object and see its history and whoever came into contact with it), which may explain why she’s famous for her accurate tarot card readings, the fifth is an old man who can see ghost and had an unpleasant past with Kim Suro’s Teacher Park( Kwak Do Won), the last is a future-knowing grade-schooler (Yang Kyung Mo)

This may be bad news for the fans bec Lee Je Hoon’s enlisting at the end of Oct!

New Dramas

1. Moon-Sun child actor Yeo Jin Gu and actress Kim So Hyun reunite for a new Oct drama I Miss You. They will once again play the teenage version of the characters who are in love with each other this time. Timing is the main ‘game’ the characters are playing around in this drama. The thing about such dramas is that I’d prefer it if there was no change in characters. I wished the actors play both teenage and adult years so that there’s continuation physically as well as for the story of their relationship.

Yoo Chun’s taking up the lead role, as adult Yeo Jin Gu. He’s playing a cheeky detective that goes from everything’s fine to crazy bastard bent on catching the bad guys. As for now, Chun Jung Myung’s addition isn’t confirmed. Hmm..I don’t think CJM is a good actor. He’s quite awkward at times and reminds me of Song Seung Heon. Both are good-looking and both seemed to be doing mostly melo projects.

2. I’m not sure if I should be happy or worried for Joo Won. I mean Korean dramas are known for their inhumane live shootings. I hope he has enough time to rest before this new project of his starts. According to Javabeans, Joo Won is playing the lead role for drama-version Level 7 Civil Servant. I’m actually expecting a lot out of this drama because the movie was one hilarious ball of fun. Joo Won’s role will be someone who aspired and then becomes a spy after watching a 007 film. LOL. His character is quite similar to Kang Ji Hwan’s in that both are so endearing-ly inept and barely qualified. The part about his father being rich gets on my nerves but I think it may actually be a part of the plot. Hope the female lead is cast and written appropriately. Hmm..if her character’s going to be someone who doesn’t look the part and yet kicks ass, that would be awesome. Park Jin Hee? hahaha..I can only think of noonas (from joo won’s perspective) that can fit this role.

Looking forward to this show! Starts 2013 Jan.

Drama Updates

1. It’s casting news for King of Dramas as the gets its second male lead in Choi Siwon.T he super junior star is playing a role slightly like himself – hallyu star with an I-want-my-way-and-only-my-way personality. So..a jerk? His co-star in the drama and in the drama’s drama is second female lead Oh Ji Eun. She’s going to have an adorable relationship with Kim Myung Min. In all, the set up for these two as 2nd-in-line for our main couple’s affections, sounds quite typical of romcoms. This show actually reminds me of Sonny with A Chance somehow. (I missed Channy!)

BTW, King of Dramas lead actress Jung Ryeo Won (she’s going to be an aspiring writer) has begun her shoots. DB’s post has more on the lead couple’s premise. But to summarise, Jung Ryeo Won and Kim Myung Min had a bad past relationship. A script she did 3 years ago may bring the couple back together and now, assuming Kim Myung Min’s offering her a chance to succeed as a writer, will she choose to be practical or keep that pride in perfect condition?

Stills from King of Dramas are out and more on Siwon’s abs character is also out. God, Kim Myung Min is going to be one jerktastic, sarcastic nightmare (that hopefully induces some laughs)! I Love it!

2. Horse Healer‘s going to have a short cameo by Jung Kyeo Woon as Crown Prince Sohyeon, first son of King Injo, who got influenced by the West and wanted to spread their culture. Daddy wasn’t happy with that. Sohyeon mysteriously died at 34. I’m honestly more interested in Crown Prince So Hyeon’s life now than the horse healer’s climb to royal physician. Heh:P The length of his cameo is unknown yet, because the sageuk’s going to be at 50 episodes. Short, could be 10 episodes! Let’s hope…lol..Jo Seung Woo, Kim So Eun, Lee Yo Won and Lee Sang Woo will star in this drama, written and produced by sageuk experts. (They did Dong Yi and Yi San.) Gahh..50 episodes…

More about the main lead (Jo Seung Woo) who goes from treating horse to humans. He starts from a lowly background and then rise to the king’s doc-in-charge. Lee Yo Won is a female physician who had to cross-dress in her younger days. Her first love is JSW but she is chaebol son’s first love. Chaebol son will be played by Lee Sang Woo and he is a nice guy, also studying medicine. Kim So Eun is the spoiled princess/ niece to Jung Kyeo Woon’s character who changes because of JSW.

3. Oohlala Spouses are having me lol-ing in pain. Omg. The two teasers are below for your ache-inducing pleasure. This teaser..are they parodying gag concert’s past skit?  This second teaser is more about the show, but also done in a hilarious manner. Teaser 1 came from this db post and teaser 2 came from this db post. This could be good! *Adds to my growing list of shows* It starts today!!

4. Jeon Woo Chi has confirmed its leads!

The good side: Cha Tae Hyun will play Jeon Woo Chi, disciple of Hong Gil Dong. In addition, he’s a wizard/dosa who got his powers after consuming a gumiho fox bead and is set on taking revenge on his ex-friend for causing mentor’s and his lady’s life. So he comes to Joseon where he eventually, although unwilling, becomes another Hong Gil Dong and falls for heroine Yuldo’s Princess/HGD’s grand-daughter (UEE). UEE’s character becomes a victim of some dark taoist powers that forces her to kill and be emotionless. But once a month, the spell loses its power on her and she remembers who she was, setting us and her character up for some emotional ride. Yuldo’s to be HGD’s fictional idealist nation.

Sung Dong Il’s character is unknown. Hong Jong Hyun’s character is neither here nor there. He works for Joseon’s King. So he is someone against Jeon Woo Chi and yet not the baddy side of the roster.

The bad side: Kim Gab Su and Lee Hee Jun (Jeon Woo Chi’s nemesis) will be the ones who practice and use taoist magic. I have never seen Kim Gab Su act bad, except for the short 3 episodes of Joseon X-Files that I watched. He wasn’t outright villainy with just 3 episodes in. I haven’t seen Lee Hee Jun in anything. So Jeon Woo Chi would be a first bad gab-su and hee-jun show for me. 

The show will be out in late Nov, after Song Joong Ki’s melo/revenge.

Out already (Films and Dramas)

1.. Ha Jung Woo’s promise on an awards show has become a reality in a movie 577 Project. With Gong Hyo Jin, the pair would be travelling 577km by foot across South Korea. I’m not exactly excited for this movie. I’m quite neutral to it actually. Maybe towards the negative side of neutral? I don’t know why too. But those interested may want to see the trailer. I won’t put it up because going to db’s post would be an easier way out to understand the show and video. I didn’t think the bgm was suitable though. Why not something like the bgm for Gwangsoo on Running Man?

2. Rascal Songs starring Lee Sung Jae( 1st son), Ryu Soo Young (2nd son) and Seo In Gook (3rd son) has already started on Sept 22nd.

3. Nice Guy (Song Joong Ki, Park Shi Yeon, Moon Chae Won, Lee Gwang Soo) has already been out for some time. I thought Park Shi Yeon’s character was very similar to her character in A Man’s Story/ Slingshot.


Gaksital’s hero and villain‘s interviews!! ( I always thought it was spelt gakitsal. o.O)

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!


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