Drama/Film News [6th oct 2012]

07 Oct

For those who have been waiting for k-pop news, I had to skip one week of updates because I was seriously too busy and tired. Not to worry, the KNSF coming soon will include two weeks worth of news:) Hopefully part 1 and 2 will be up by Sunday or Monday.

This post will be mostly on Drama Updates.

1. Hope I’m not too late with this news. Science fiction-y fusion period drama The Great Seer/Dae PPung Soo( starts on Oct 10 on SBS) looks like it would be an epic sageuk. Story-wise, it’s an interesting perspective. Except the fact that we have a *eye-rolls* birth secret that can put a major damper on things. On the other hand, the costumes, teaser and stills are quite enough to attract my attention. What’s better is that the drama has some of my favourite actors and actresses are in it. Heck, I shall be double standard:P Read more @ DB🙂 

2. Looks like King of Dramas will be left out of the drama storm,fortunately, (2 epic sageuks: Horse Healer and The Great Seer) when it finally premieres on 5th Nov. Anyhow, the stills are nothing much. I just know Kim Myung Min’s going to be awesome. (Just a change of facial expression and he’s looking like he isn’t playing jerk-producer one bit!)

3. Baek Jin Hee ( Hair Show, High Kick), Jo Ha Rang (To My Beloved) and Joo Yeon (After School) will be joining Jeon Woo Chi’s cast as Concubine Cha’s sister, Cha’s informant gisaeng (what? Officials of that time were mostly men. And men like…to drink!) and a female officer/damo who has been protecting the king from young, respectively. I have one question for Joo Yeon’s character though. Does it mean she was always skilled since young? It’s somehow weird unless young meant during the teen years for both the then prince and her. …I feel stupid..zzz…

I know nothing about Jo and Joo Yeon, in terms of acting. As for Baek, I saw her on KBS special drama Hair Show in 2011 but then again, it didn’t really give me a lot on what she could do. Speaking of the cast, I wonder who’s going to be Cha’s official crew? JWC will replace Nice Guy on Nov 21.

4.  I Miss You (which already has JYJ’s Yoo Chun/Micky and child actors Kim So Hyun and Yeo Jin Gu) adds two more actresses, who are NOT the drama’s female lead and they are Do Ji Won and Jang Mi-in Ae. I’m surprised at the character Do Ji Won’s playing actually – she’s playing a two-faced second lead. Not that I’m against age gaps in a relationship. It’s just that age gaps would normally be the problem for the lead couple, and so if that’s the case, I will be expecting a lead who’s as old as Do Ji Won? But the child actors…It’s not going to be logical if the lead actress is a mom noona. 😛 Of course, I’m just guessing and honestly, Do looks nothing like her age (44???). It’s just weird for me overall… Jang Mi-in Ae’s character is a ‘web-toon artist’, who’s fine with anything but…injustice. O..kay, so she’s a little like Micky which may explain why she’s got a crush on his character, except that she’s not fierce and aggressive like her Soulmate one.

And btw, I missed Park Jin Woo<3. (heh, the db post was a combined one! Excuse, not!:P) Fellow fans, he’s going to be in Seo Woo’s daily revenge melo Glass Mask. ….*Darn it*


New Film

1. Aging Family starring Park Hae Il(Moss, War of the Arrows), Gong Hyo Jin, Yoon Jae Mun and Yoon Yeo Jung will be coming to the local screens in 2013. The film is about 3 grown-up siblings (Park, Gong, Yoon) who goes back home to see their mother. During their stay, they discover family secrets hidden away from them. The film’s an adaptation of a book and from DB’s post, the book was on the makjang-y side. And I thought I could finally watch a Park Hae Il film. Unless, secrets meant things like a mom’s hideous stealing from the son’s cookie jar?

Drama Update

2. 50-ep weekend romcom My Love, Madame Butterfly has its posters and teaser out. The four leads: Yeom Jung Ah (who’s looking great!), Kim Sung Soo, Yoon Se Ah (WGM skinship couple half), Park Yong Woo. I didn’t expect such posters. I was expecting something more towards melo..


3. Just reading about Standby from JB’s post already makes me laugh. Here’s Ha Suk Jin’s interview 🙂 lol and I thought the title of the post was ‘Ha Suk Jin: Standby was freezing’. O.O

4.The ratings battle [Horse-to-human Healer, Faith (is the new medicine), Oohlala Spouse( that has a battle going on of its own: the cameo edition)] has begun

Eye Candy

5. Wolf Boy stars Park Bo Young and Song Joong Ki go IU’s Mia-esque photo shoot for Vogue. I actually like the quirkiness of it all! And for some reason, Park Bo Young goes well with such shoots. She has this innocent-looking image that contrasts well with the unknown( Who knows? There could be a cute baby-faced man-child..) in the forest.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed! KNSF will be up next:)

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