K-Pop News So Far [24th Sept – 9th Oct 2012] part 3: yep, still songs :D

11 Oct

continued from parts 2:D


This song gave me the exact love 2LSON (ft Bumkey and Dok2) did with The Lady. Sexy~ (do i hear a little r&b?) 

Interesting Others

1. Ukiss‘s dance pract vid was great! I liked the first part of Stop Girl where Kiseop dances with every one, one at a time. That was amazing choreography.  Hoon’s like so awkward in front of the camera. Haha. And Kevin does the best wave. Sorry Kiseop! You are dealing with a female group dance expert!

2. Eric Nam of Birth of A Great Star 2 has signed on with B2M (Lee Hyori, Spica). But more than that, this Yoo Ah In look-alike ex-biz consultant has a utube channel with him singing covers of english and korean songs. Though the channel doesn’t have many covers but it’s proof he isn’t just another pretty face:)

3. 24K‘s a really unique group. Instead of only dancing on stage, they take everywhere (as long as it’s on earth) to be their dance floors! It makes them down-to-earth and likeable:)  Check out another street perf at this akp link. Their Live performances (both the singing and the dancing) are also good!  The song! *needs to find it* Credits to akp

4. Block B’s P.O (yay he’s alright!!) and BoM’s Mino! Together, they have released a new song Dear My Wife. And I thought it was Me and My wife. Ha! My ears…zzz…The song’s dope!

On the other hand, Zico‘s mixtape are proof of the rapper’s talent. 3 unique songs are already out: Battle Royale, I’ll treat you better and Sam. The utube vids are below.    *searches for translated lyrics*

5. I must say(pun unintended) that EvoL’s Say is a great dancer – flexible and moves fluidly.  I liked the first song’s dance better.

6. Thank you Top Media! Thank you. I liked 100%’s Bad Boy choreography, especially the ‘step-dance’ sequence that came up with the chorus.  The other version is the name-tag one.  It’s a good idea for lazy bones like me:P Learn names while listening to a good song? Sweet!

7. Sistar’s Bora allowed me to discover indie band Gukkasten and their truly impressive rock version of ‘Alone‘.  May I say: daaaae~bak!

8. I must be in the mood for songs on the sad side. Top Model Jang Yoon Ju may not be the best singer, but I love the piano and its melancholy tones. The thing is, it’s not overly heavy like ballads. It’s just nicely… The MV was well-executed. That emptiness and distant feeling..NICE.

9. Beast should be proud with BOB4‘s cover of Beautiful Night 😀 Not bad at all. The singer’s voice together with the electric guitar mashes the pop song with rock in style. Byeori bit naneun areum daun bamiyaya~ — And that’s it! Really, I needed a breather too. Haha. Up next would be the news which I’m predicting will be not very much…heehee 😛

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. Also, sorry for the wait. But thanks for waiting too.

Part 4: news will be up next.


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