K-Pop News So Far [24th Sept – 9th Oct 2012] part 1: songs

11 Oct

Firstly, I’m terribly sorry for being so late. I promised. You guys might have already read from akp probably because I was tardy. I know. In my defense, the draft continued from Sunday all the way till now. This is why I decided to I cut down on stuff so the post would mostly be things that I consider major. Songs will be covered first this time round. Hope you enjoyed the selection. It’s A.LOT. So take your time (please do heh:P) 😀

The songs (be it link or the video) that are posted here are the ones that I like. The (no comments) songs below are not necessarily songs I didn’t like. It was okay, but not spectacular for me. So I have provided the akp and utube links for those who want a listen or are fans of the singer(s).

Debuts-wise: MR.MR (who’s that girl), A.Cian(title track Stuck, I preferred Where’s All My Love. They harmonised and falsetto-ed!!), The Cheers (I only recommend I Worry About You. Sorry. Had to correct the title. heh)

Comebacks-wise: M-tiful (MV), Navi, Lunafly, AA, Big Star (I only like the before-chorus of Close Your, Gavy NJ (Intro my bf is a song I like best, that has a subtle melancholy when it’s supposed to be a somewhat happy one.

OSTs-wise: J-Min’s band version of stand-up (jungmo<3), Sunye’s track in Oohlala Spouse, Brown Eyed Soul’s Young Jun for Faith OST.


1. JYPE seems to be pushing quite a number of debuts this year, from the company’s perspective. But once you hear their recent acts( Ah Yeon and 15&), they truly deserve an official career start. I didn’t think much of the song (I Dream) 15& debuted with but such vocals? Stunning. 15&amazing really.   The name is going to be fitting for them throughout. I hope they come up with a better array of songs than Ah Yeon because I know both singers can do it. They have a making-of MV and interview here.

2. 84ly may become a ‘nugu’ with the ocean of debuts and comebacks we saw this year. Honestly, I didn’t like their title song. I listened to the 5 utube vids provided on the akp post and found Pride and Papillon Butterfly quite good, especially Papillon Butterfly. Pride is the usual pop but it’s on the bright, playful side that makes one happy. Inferring from the title, I’m thinking it’s a song about how a person childishly can’t let go of her pride and it gets in the way of a relationship. Papillon Butterfly is the edgier track and why shouldn’t I love a group for doing something new and different?


1. 45RPM releases a remake of an old song called Old Friend. I like! It’s quite catchy and has beautiful vocals in the higher register. It makes me happy~ Nice song to shake your head to! 

2. TVXQ‘s comeback MV looks like the idea came from Exo’s debut MVs. Their title track Catch Me was ok. I definitely love the chorus. And SM, Changmin still needs his voice. So stop making him scream his lungs out.  The directing was very uneven for me. When the time came for it to be on the slower/ dramatic side, it went for simple and awkward. Unlike other MVs where dancing in shallow waters needed dramatics, I preferred the way the director did the scene here. The chains-on-hand dance move was pretty cool! For the 10 other songs on the album, they actually aren’t too bad too. I recommend Viva, Get Away, How Are You and I swear.

3. Soul Star, I’m sorry for only knowing who you are now. *Bows*  Beautiful beautiful song. It’s so soothing and very sweet~♥

4. K Jun( NOT the 2PM member) releases Drink in the Morning, featuring Swing(rapper). Smooth and sexy R&B, with a hint of jazz from K Jun’s vocals.

5. Like mentioned, 90’s group R.ef makes a comeback after 8 years with a single It’s R.ef. But why only 2 songs?? Anyhow, I preferred You Don’t Seem to Know Love Part 1 (feat. Eun Ji Won) better than the Love Formula. 

6. One of my favourite (and sadly unknown) female groups Miss $ is back (with a new member). 🙂 Here are the cute teasers by Phantom, Verbal Jint and Swing! ‘Dam Bae’ = cigarettes, by the way. The teasers are a little rough and so Miss $’s vocals at the end make the teaser funny. haha. As expected by the group:) Love the simple vocals at the start. It just makes me want to listen to the whole song all over again! Surprise surprise! Sangchu from Mighty Mouth produced this song! 

7. Though still serving in the army, Wheesung manages to release a new song Masterpiece of You. Very lively and it sounds different from the batch of new songs I have listened to 😀

8. I may not know who’s Jo Won Min but I actually liked First Snow🙂 For some reasons, I preferred this gentle song to Lunafly’s. 😛 The MV is appropriately shot on a bright and cool day. Did Park Tae Hwan actually sing? Hahaha!

9. I expected a ballad from Lee Seung Chul but instead, he surprised me with an inspirational song that’s upbeat and positive! I loved that the MV added in shots of aspiring singers:) His English is not bad too!

10. The awkwardly named project group Gaestroboyz has released a really fun song!!!!! Excuse me, I’m feeling quite high and this song didn’t help much(read: at all). The female singer was a great addition and went well with the rapping and the male vocalists(Chakun♥ and..) 😀 The MV was fun too!!!! oh boy…my ‘high’ level..

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed:D Sorry for the wait!!

Any broken links, please feel free to comment:D


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