K-Pop News So Far [24th Sept – 9th Oct 2012] part 2: still songs

11 Oct

Continued from part 1…

11. The MV for Double K‘s MENT (Gaeko and Jang Jae Won’s work) is here:) What a strange name for a song..though I’m liking it…haha. It’s something delightfully different from the typical pop I have been getting bored to.  The MV’s more about a guy’s horny side? Another awkward MV I’m watching but I guess it’s quite a realistic perspective of relationships, just that it’s exaggerated.

12. It’s going to be enlistment soon for 8eight’s Lee Hyun and before that, the singer wants to give a proper goodbye with a song Unsophisticated  The song was a joy to listen to. Thank you and yet, I’m really going to miss you Lee Hyun.>.<

13. Duble Sidekick and First Generation idol Kim Tae Woo collaborates for When I Look At Myself. Kim Tae Woo’s voice always seems refreshing. So even if it’s a ballad, it doesn’t sound stale and over-used. We can’t leave Duble Sidekick out of this. The instrumentals are really intricate and beautiful with the beats that are soft yet defined. And is that Ryu Seung Beom?? His acting was perfect, as expected~

14. As for 10cm‘s 2nd album, I do think that the album is worth commenting about. Not about the cover, though I think it’s quite…unnecessary. The first title song is not my type. But the other 2 title songs, are just my kind…for the moment. The Hangang song‘s got this old-ish gaksital period  sound going on that I really adore. It’s also a little jazzy and that falsetto!! Tonight also has this retro thing going on, but done in a manner that suits the taste of modern listeners. The utube uploader has more of their songs:D

15. I’m someone who doesn’t give a second chance for groups and soloists I dislike. Once I don’t like whatever I’m hearing, I give them up totally to the extent of not even listening to the end of the album. AOA is one such group because their debut was horrible for me. But their 2nd single album is hitting the right notes for me. Title track Get Out is a song that shows off the girls’ vocal strength and I would like it if the girls become a band instead of a typical group. Oh yeah, the electric guitar was awesome! Happy ending and my song are good too. I like my song better as it is a little different 😀

16. Last but not least, is Ga In‘s solo comeback! Bloom actually starts off sounding pure and innocent in the beginning. The saxophone brings in some maturity, although still keeping some of its naive beginnings. The song then picks up (and gives us a naughtier instrumental). Eventually, Ga In ‘blooms’, with a happy and harmonized chorus.The MV is definitely inappropriate for minors. I, myself, was surprised that such a pleasant, harmless song had such an MV. To be reasonable, the main theme of the song is about a girl growing up and falling in love. It’s actually quite an appropriate MV for the song. Tinkerbell is one funky song that is relatable to Ga In’s charms and I love Ga In for mixing different genres. The male singer is Yoon Jong Shin. Gaze is a relatively faster ballad that doesn’t bore me one bit. 😀 Here’s the track list🙂

Debut/ comeback news

In OctEpik High‘s passed (10th Oct). Lee Ha Yi will be debuting before the group (SuPearls) on the 29th.  K.Will‘s official comeback after 3 years will be on the 11th. Kim C’s hot potato comeback will be on the end of this month, a concert in NovBlock B‘s full album comeback would be on the 17th. The song sounds like the one in a previous akp post. Here’s B-Bomb’s dance(!!) teaserJaehyo’s I’m-prettier-than-a-girl teaserU-Kwon’s stopping-that-awesome-dance-and-song-at-the-wrong-moment teaser. Coincidentally, 17th would also be Apple Girl Kim Yeo Hee‘s Jap debut and I have never been so excited for a Jap song. 

In Nov: 2ne1 and Big Bang’s Taeyang will be releasing new materials in the monthBuzz‘s new vocalist Min Dae Hong‘s digital single.Another Seeya debuts…from CCM?! (girls, please reconsider!!) Next Year: YG’s new girl group(no no not SuPearls..ahh..wait..can somebody tell me what’s going on?) will debut January:)

Unconfirmed: Miss A‘s Independent Women Pt 3


1. Explosion-of-all-things-cute-and-pink drama Miss Panda and Mr Hedgehog has some of its OST out Urban Zakapa’s Kwon Soon Il had a better song – a ballad but lighter on the ears – in my opinion. I guess it does have something to do with my liking for the indie band and falsettos..hehehe:P Choi Jin Hyuk sounds good (though I have a bad impression of him) but the ballad is the typical type (read: boring).

2. K.Will takes part in Arang and the Magistrate‘s OST! Yay 😀  Ballads are, of course *rolls eyes*, about love. But I like K.Will’s vocals and the melody 🙂

3. L’s sitcom What is Love has Infinite’s support through an OST. (Does that mean that L is supporting himself too??) The song’s fun but doesn’t go to or beyond hyper-zone, which makes me think that this song would fit well with a heart-warming scene..The title, though, doesn’t reflect this and so would the lyrics. Hahaha.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. More to come in part 3!

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